How Can I activate MTN 300 for 1.5 GB? Learn-How You Can Qualify For It

Who doesn’t like cheap data? I mean like paying mtn 300 for 1.5 gb worth of data. As you know, some data plans are tacitly introduced, while others are often inaccessible through the USSD code. Today I will share with you mtn 300 for 1.5 GB code for 7 days and how you can activate it.

This data offering is very similar to MTN 200MB / 14 days for the N50 data offering that we recently shared and worked on all SIM cards. If that doesn’t work for you, you can use this 1.5 GB for the N300 to chat, download and browse all your favorite sites.

So, how can I get 1.5GB 300 on mtn? The MTN 1.5GB for N300 can be accessed through my mtn app through the Megadeal data plane zone. Install mymtnApp from Google Play as a requirement to subscribe to this great plan

How Can I activate MTN 300 for 1.5 GB?

  • Charge your line with a minimum of N300 airtime
  • Start your MyMtnApp and click on Mega Deal Zone
  • Click on the Top Deal egg to crack
  • Click on accept to register.
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MTN Data Plan 300 For 1.5gb Code

  • Go to your phone and dial the following mtn 1.5gb for n300 code * 567 #.
  • After choosing the code, you will be presented with the list of data offers or airtime offers that you qualify for.
  • It varies from airtime offer to data offer.
  • Then your data offering will be 1 GB or 1.5 GB and 2 GB will be delivered in the latter option if you qualify for one of the options below.
  • Load the value of airtime that qualifies you for 200, 300 or 500 subscriptions.

You can also access this bundle offer by calling mtn 300 for 1.5gb code for 7 days * 121 #, you will be presented with an option, choose 1.5 gig for 300 Naira, confirm your decision and you will receive a confirmation SMS.

MTN immediately rewards you with 1.5 GB for 300 naira and is valid for 1 week.

Note: Not all subscribers are eligible for this data plan.

How To Check If You Are Eligible For A Sim Card

As I said before, not every MTN subscriber is eligible. To check your eligibility,

  • Go through the process to activate this low-cost plan.
  • Make sure you don’t have credit to buy the data plan.
  • If, after choosing activation codes, you receive a message that your data plan has not been activated due to low credit, you are eligible for this My MTN offer.
  • Buy airtime and activate the plan.
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So, what if you are not qualified to this cheap data plan is there anything you can do?

How To Qualify For MTN 300 For 1.5 GB

Though, MTN didn’t reveal qualifying tips, but due to my findings, I discovered that, most qualified SIM for this MTN 300 for 1.5GB are abandoned sim card. i.e if you want to be eligible you have to abandon your sim for at least 1 to 3 months without recharging it. You can be making calls on it, but don’t buy airtime on data with it.

After 3 months, you should try the mtn 300 for 1.5GB code for 7 days above and you’ll be giving. You’ll be able to use this on your phone for the next 6 months. You can repeat the same process to be qualified again.

How Can I Check My MTN Offer Data Balance?

To check you data balance, it’s quite easy, just send 2 as SMS to 131 or dial *131*4#.

MTN 300 for 1.5 GB Validity

The validity of 300 for 1.5 GB is 7 days unless you choose a higher plan, such as 1000, 2000, or 3500, 4 GB, 9 GB, and 20 GB subscription.

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