July 25, 2024
MTN Double Recharge Plan Code - How To Get Double Airtime On MTN

MTN Double Recharge Plan Code - How To Get Double Airtime On MTN

Many MTN users always ask if there is any code to double MTN recharge card, how to get double airtime on MTN, MTN double recharge promo code, or is there any MTN double recharge plan code?

The MTN network, the most widely used network operator in Nigeria, has been set up to keep its numerous customers and acquire more. This is the main reason for various promotional packages for calling and data services. At the moment, the network has several promotional offers.

In this piece, we’ll take a quick look at MTN double recharge plan code that offers double the recharge value. There aren’t many on the ground though, but of the few available, they offer more than a double recharge card.

MTN Double Recharge Plan Code – How To Get Double Airtime On MTN?

MTN Starter Pack

MTN Startpack is the rate plan that comes with the new SIM card, this rate plan does not have a migration code because it cannot be migrated. If you want to enjoy this rate plan, you must purchase and activate a new SIM card.

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Offers and benefits

This MTN double recharge plan code offers a 500% bonus on every top-up, this means that if you top up the N100 in this plan, you will receive both the N100 top-up and the N500 bonus when you make the N600 and it is valid for 7 days. Plus, every time you charge the N200, you get 10MB of data, valid for 2 days. These offers are available online for the first 6 months of use. Please note that once you migrate from this rate plan, you will not be able to migrate back.

MTN Beta Talk

This is a common tariff plan that is known to most people. It offers a nice reload bonus and a nice bonus. MTN BetaTalk offers any NGN100 upgrade and over 250% airtime bonus. The plan also provides 10MB of weekly data on charging the N100 or higher. Customers who charge less than N100 will get 150%. Please note that the reload bonus is valid for 3 days, while the dice bonus is valid for 7 days.


Calls to all networks are billed at a rate of 40k/s leading to N24 per minute. In BetaTalk you must first use up your bonus before your main balance is charged.

Code and migration process

To migrate to MTN BetaTalk on the MTN network, dial *123*2*6# or text BT to 131.

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With MTN Awuf4u you have the option to get a 200% or 300% bonus, the choice is yours. With this subscription, customers can get bonus airtime that can be used for national calls, ie to all networks in the country. So if you like bonuses as I do, why don’t you keep reading?

How it works

When you top up above N100, such as N200 and the like, you will receive a 300% bonus on your top-up, and if it is N100 and below, you will receive a 200% bonus on your top-up. This means that if you reload the N100, you will eventually get a bonus from the N200 plus the N100 that makes the N300. Is not that great? Reloading the N200 gives you a bonus of the N400 plus the N200 that makes the N600. Now the choice is yours.

To take advantage of this offer, recharge via the special USSD code or the VTU. To double or triple your calling credit on the MTN network, dial the MTN double recharge plan code *888*PIN# or simply top-up via VTU services.


How to get double airtime on MTN shouldn’t be difficult. By just making use of any of the MTN double recharge plan code above and migrate to the plan and enjoy the MTN double recharge promo code.