March 30, 2023
How to Activate/Deactivate MTN Caller Tunes Service 2021 in Nigeria and South Africa
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MTN Caller Tunes service replaces the caller’s standard tone during the call. Once this service is activated on your MTN line, callers will listen to a favorite music set, being the recipient of the call. For example, if I set Zanku by Zlatan as the caller tune, people who call me will hear Zanku instead of the default beep. In this article, we explore a tutorial on how to sign up or cancel the MTN Caller Tunes Service.

How to Activate MTN Caller Tune Service

Subscribing to the MTN caller tune service is actually very easy to do. MTN has designed the whole process to be easy and seamless. There are 4 methods to sign up for MTN caller tunes Service. They are listed below:

Activate By MTN Caller Tunes Code

Dial * 410 # and select the desired option from the menu. Or, you can also activate the caller tunes from MTN by dialing 4100 to hear sample songs, browse the song and buy from the Top 10 list.

Activate By Mobile App

Send the APP to 4100 to download the MTN Caller tunes app and purchase the melody of your choice through the app.

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MTN CallerTunes Store Website

Visit the MTN CallerTunes Store from the MTN website:

Note: A subscription to the MTN Caller Tunes service has a monthly fee of 50 nairas or a weekly rate of 20 naira. If you’re using Etisalat, you can learn how to deactivate 9mobile caller tunes here.

How to Cancel MTN Caller Tunes in Nigeria

Despite the beauty of the MTN Caller Tune service, we have more people attempting to cancel the service than subscribers. This is because many subscribers have incorrectly subscribed to the service and don’t want to spend the airtime on things other than calling or texting. If you find yourself in this category, here are the steps to cancel MTN caller Tunes.

To cancel MTN caller tunes, Send “CANCEL” to 4100 as SMS with no quotation mark.

How to Deactivate MTN caller tunes in South Africa

It’s easy to clear caller melodies on Mtn South Africa. MTN is one of the best networks in South Africa. With a large number of customers continuing to increase daily, some people will undoubtedly have the best experience while others will feel bad.

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Yes, not everyone will be happy with MTN, especially the annoying aspect of the caller number that we may not know how it was activated. This will sometimes withdraw your credit for what you don’t need. We are here to teach you how to delete it, as we usually do.

  1. Dial * 123 * 10 # on your phone and follow the instructions OR
  2. Simply send “STOP” or “OPT OUT” to 083 930 0639. Did you try to send a message and it failed? It may be because of the wrong message center, learn how to set your SIM message center here.
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MTN Caller Tune Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: How much does MTN Caller Tune cost?

ANSWER: If you sign up for the MTN caller correspondence service, you need to pay N50 / month as a monthly subscription

QUESTION: What happens if I don’t pay the monthly subscription costs?

ANSWER: You will be automatically deleted from the service and your numbers will be kept until the caller’s number expires

QUESTION: I got a call from a friend and she really appreciated my response tone. How do you copy the number?

ANSWER: Tell your friend to do the following:

Press 1 and the melody will be copied (within a few minutes) to its library and set as the default melody (One Key Copy function)

Access the portal or call IVR 4100 enter your phone number, view your melody, select and copy this melody (copy function)

QUESTION: How often can I change the songs in my personal library?

ANSWER: As often as you like.

QUESTION: Do I have to pay for each song change in my library?

ANSWER: Yes. You will be charged a download fee for each new melody you download.

QUESTION: What is the maximum number of songs I can have in my library?

ANSWER: You can have up to 10 numbers

QUESTION: I want to give a friend a gift from Caller Tune. How do I send you the song?

ANSWER: You can do the following:

Dial 4100, select (2) enter the reconciliation code and your friend’s number

In the portal, select `Tune Present, enter the recipient’s number, select the melody you want to present, and send

Send `Present + Code and the recipient’s number in an SMS to 4100

QUESTION: How can I confirm that my friend received the Caller Tune gift I received for her?

ANSWER: You will receive a text message to confirm the success or failure of the Caller Tunez gift.


There you have it: a complete tutorial on how to cancel MTN Caller Matching Service and how to sign up for MTN Caller Tunes Service and the mtn callertunez code list. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.