MTN Yello Life Insurance – How To Migrate To MTN Life Plus

MTN Yello Life

Y’ello Life is one of the previous offers of the MTN Y’ello Cover package, which is part of MTN Y’ello Biz solutions for Y’ello Biz aimed at small businesses. However, it is designed to make life insurance affordable and affordable for the Nigerian average – more specifically, those on the MTN network.


What is MTN Yello’s life?

MTN Y’ello Life is a time-based antenna service designed to offer life insurance coverage to subscribers in exchange for highly affordable rates. This makes the life insurance policy accessible to people who would not be able to afford one – directly from their mobile device.
Of course, MTN is not an insurance company, so they are partnering with a leading insurance company in Nigeria, Mansard Insurance plc, to offer coverage. So, Mansard insurance offers coverage, while MTN facilitates access through your network.
You can enjoy a lifetime coverage of N350,000 by paying only 15 Naira per day or 100 NGN per week as a service charge. You could, of course, ensure your life for a larger amount by paying a higher service fee.
The MTN Y’ello Life is not only affordable, but it also helps reduce the stress of the paperwork involved in obtaining life insurance, which is one of the reasons why Nigerians do not consider life insurance coverage. It covers accidents that result in death or permanent disability.
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MTN Life Plus Migration Code and Call Rates

MTN Life Plus is a new tariff plan under the SME Biz plan tariff category. This category comprises MTN Biz Plus (SME Plus) and Biz Class. The charge rate on the plan is 40kobo/sec for the 1st minute and 13kobo/sec thereafter.

MTN Yello Life Plus Migration Code
MTN Yello Life Insurance – How To Migrate To MTN Life Plus

To migrate to the tariff plan, simply dial *460*6#.

Migration Code

Dial *460*6#


40kobo/sec for the first minute and 13kobo/sec thereafter.

Full details of MTN Y’ello life insurance with Mansard Insurance

  • It costs only 15 naira/day and grants coverage, as long as the premium is paid at maturity (minimum of 15 nairas per day or 100 naira/week).
  • You earn 350,000 Naira for the minimum prize of 15 naira daily in cases of death or permanent disability.
  • You receive 10% of the guaranteed amount (minimum of 350,000 naira) as accidental medical aid and can only get this once a year. This means that you are entitled to 35,000 naira once a year as medical aid in case of an accident.
  • Life insurance coverage begins immediately and you pay the first amount of 15 naira, but you can not get the right to death or total disability in the first 30 days.
  • You should make sure that you have enough credit to pay the daily premium so that you can get the benefits in case of disability or accidents.
  • The policy for when a claim of permanent disability or disability is paid
  • You will automatically be excluded from the insurance coverage after 60 days without making the credit available for payment.
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How do I make claims about insurance when the need arises

What is the essence of putting an insurance policy if it is not covered in case of an emergency? Well, to get complaints about MTN Y’ello life insurance, you need to provide the following documents
A. Claim Form Completed
B. Subscriber pictures showing the affected area
C. Medical certificate filled out by the doctor (orthodox or unorthodox) who attended the subscriber
D. The police inform if the injury is only caused by a traffic accident

Eligibility and coverage information

MTN Y’ello Life is available to registered MTN customers between the ages of 18 and 60. The minimum daily premium is N15, which qualifies you for a guaranteed minimum value of N350,000.
This means that you can pay a larger daily premium to have a larger amount guaranteed. One interesting thing about Life Insurance coverage is that no medical examination is required to register.
You get to take advantage of insurance coverage as soon as the first daily subscription – a minimum of N15 – is deducted from your credit balance.
MTN says that the total permanent death or disability occurring as a result of natural causes during the first 30-day period from registration is exempt from coverage. However, deaths and disabilities as a result of accidents are covered from day 1.
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This condition is likely to prevent abuse.

Agreed awards must be paid from when you continue to enjoy life insurance coverage. However, your life insurance policy lapses worthless and becomes inadmissible since your premiums are not paid as needed.
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So make sure you have enough credit balance on your phone to pay your daily or weekly premium so that your life insurance policy is not canceled. You can choose between weekly or daily premium payments.

When does the policy become payable?

The sum insured is payable when the insured person suffers a total permanent disability as a result of an accident or dies. In the event of the death of the insured, the amount guaranteed is paid to a nominee named in cash.
In addition, the insured can get 10% of the guaranteed amount (for example, N35,000 when the guaranteed sum is N350.00) in accidental medical aid once a year. Unlike the Airtel Insurance coverage that is open to subscribers aged 18-65, MTN Y’ello’s live coverage is only open to subscribers aged 18-60.
Nevertheless, many people in Nigeria are not as keen on insurance policies, probably because of paperwork or complexity, but having our telecom providers introduce their subscribers to these time-based insurance policies deserves praise. What do you think about this, are you already on one of these insurance policies or just giving a chance? Let’s hear from you via comments.

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