Galaxy Note 9 notification sounds not working

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Notification Sounds Not Working

Does your Samsung Note 9 notification sound stop working? And you would like to know how to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 9 notification sounds not working? This post is for you. The notification function is one of the most important functions of a smartphone. It is designed to keep you up to date with almost everything that is happening on your phone. So we know how frustrating it can be when the notification sound stops working on your Galaxy S9. Fortunately, we may have the solution to this particular problem.

You should be able to fix this Samsung Galaxy Note 9 notification sounds not working yourself. This is mainly due to some changes to your phone settings. In this article, we will introduce you to the five different methods that you can use to fix the notification sounds not working issue on your Galaxy S9.

Galaxy Note 9 Notification Sounds Not Working

Restart your smartphone

The first thing to do is to restart your phone. A reboot is just the answer to any malfunctions on your device. To reboot your phone, press and hold the power key and the volume down key at the same time. About 10 seconds later, your device will start to vibrate and turn off. The restart will start after a few seconds. After that, check if the notification sound worked.

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Choose a different notification tone

If the restart method doesn’t fix the Galaxy Note 9 notification sounds not working problem, you can choose a different notification sound

  • Select the Apps menu
  • Click on Settings
  • Open the Sounds and Vibration page
  • Select Default Notifications and choose a new sound from the list

Check the notification mode

The Samsung Galaxy S9 supports three different types of notification modes: silent, vibrate, and ring. Any of the first two can prevent notification sounds. Make sure not to activate it accidentally. To do this, go to your phone’s settings menu, select the volume option and adjust the notification sound to your liking.

Make sure the notifications are not blocked

Another option is to check your notification settings to make sure they aren’t being blocked. This is usually the case if you are still getting notifications from a few apps. Sometimes your phone and notification sounds are fine and if you fix this then it’s time to fix Galaxy Note 9 notification sounds not working. Go to the settings option, click on lock screen & security and go to the notification page. Click the switch for each app you want to unlock.

Check the Game Tools

One of the features of the game tools is that you can block notifications so that you are not disturbed by warning sounds while playing. If you’ve used this tool recently, you may have forgotten to turn on notifications after playing a game. Go to the Settings option, go to Games under Advanced Features, and select Game Tools. From there you can see if you made any changes to the notifications.

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Any of the above methods can help you fix the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 notification sounds not working for good. We went from the simplest routes to the more complex options. You can tell us which method works in your case.

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