How To Activate MTN XtraByte and How To Deactivate It in 2023?

It is official and true, yes you can now borrow a Data Bundle using MTN XtraByte, you can inform MTN to lend you a Data Bundle Plan which is valid as your Normal Data Expiration Date. BUT WHY?

But why borrow MTN Data Plan when we now have a lot of Cheap Data Bundle plans to start with Glo, Airtel, MTN, and of course Etisalat! Meanwhile, if you use Mtn, they have a lot of cheap data for Android smartphones, iPhones, iPad, laptops, Windows, and the rest.

Although they were meant to be for some reason why you’d like to borrow data from MTN. The reasons are either genuine or lust! You can borrow data from MTN, * if you currently have no money * or you can borrow data from MTN * if you want to throw away the SIM card *

We are Nigerians and we will always be Nigerians. Maybe Mtn really saw the loss of their customers. And maybe Mtn didn’t lose in the Xtratime plan where you will borrow Airtime and most of the time, you never payback!

If you want to borrow Airtime or Data from MTN Nigeria, you need to be activated first. Keep in mind that with MTN XtraBytes you can borrow data and pay later on your next top-up. There are a few necessary things you really need to know before borrowing from MTN. Learn how to deactivate all MTN services from deducting your money here.

What is MTN XtraByte?

MTN XtraByte is a service that allows you to borrow data on credit when you run out of data and pay it back on your next top-up. The MTN XtraByte service is available to all eligible MTN Prepaid customers.

Who can use the MTN XtraByte service?

MTN XtraByte service is available to all MTN Prepaid customers.

How to qualify for MTN XtraByte

To be eligible for the XtraByte service you MUST:

  • Be a Prepaid customer
  • Have registered your number.
  • Been on the MTN network for over 3 months
  • Spent a minimum of N200 monthly for 3 months
  • Have between N0 and N12 in your main account
  • All outstanding XtraByte loan requests refunded

How To Activate MTN Xtrabyte?

Easily. After confirming that you are eligible for the service, you can follow one of the steps below to borrow data:

Borrowing via MTN XtraByte Code * 606 # Menu:

  • Step 1. You must first confirm that you are eligible for the network.
  • Step 2. Dial * 606 # and select 1 to confirm your eligibility.
  • Step 3. Once you are eligible to use the service, dial * 606 # again to borrow data.
  • Step 4. In the next phase, you will receive the list of data limits that you can borrow.
  • Step5. Select your preferred data limit and confirm.
  • Step6. You would be fully charged and also get a notification.
  • Step7. At this stage, you can now use the data for all activities on your device without any restriction or restriction on the service.

Borrowing through 606 IVR:

  • Dial 606 and the system will play an announcement where you can select your preferred language: English, Igbo Hausa, or Yoruba.
  • After selecting your preferred language, you must select XtraTime or XtraByte.
  • As soon as you select XtraByte, the system plays out all the data that you can borrow.
  • You can then select your desired data plan from the list.
  • After you select your preferred data plan, the system will send you a message with the amount plus the applicable service fees to confirm the transaction.
  • Once you have confirmed your transaction, the system will credit your XtraByte account, debit your main account with bundle + service charges and then send you a successful notification message.

Can I borrow MTN data multiple times?

Many Nigerians love that this feature is true, but unfortunately, you CANNOT borrow Data or Airtime multiple times. It is only once and after you have paid for it, you can borrow another.

Can I transfer MTN data?

The answer to this question is simple and short. NO! You CANNOT transfer the data you have borrowed to another MTN line.

Can I borrow MTN data even after I have not paid for the borrowed Airtime?

Well, the answer is yes. You CAN borrow data from MTN even if you still have to pay back your borrowed Airtime from MTN.

How much MTN data can I borrow?

Yes, you can borrow as much data as you want. But the minimum is 750MB. You can borrow 10MB, 30MB, 100MB, 200MB, and 750 MB.

How can I check my Mtn XtraBytes data?

All you need is to call * 606 #. This code helps you to check your data balance of xtrabytes.

How To Repay MTN Xtrabyte Loan?

To repay the borrowed data, MTN will immediately deduct the equivalent amount from your next reload through prepaid cards, share and sell, ATM transfer and other reload options.

Will MTN charge us?

Yes! If they can pay us to borrow airtime, talk less about their data! Well, MTN will charge you an extra 10% for the data you borrow, just like the Mtn Xtratime.

Available data bundles on Xtrabyte

Data bundles available on XtraByte are:

  • 10 MB, costs N50 + N5 Charges
  • 30 MB, costs N100 + N10 Charges
  • 100 MB, costs N200 + N20 Charges
  • 200 MB, costs N300 + N30 Charges
  • 750 MB, costs N500 + N50 Charges

MTN XtraByte data appears in a special XtraByte account and not in the normal data account, just like Xtratime.

How To Deactivate MTN XtraBytes

Would you like to stop and deactivate MTN data Xtrabyte? If so, you need to know this first. The MTN XtraByte is an On-demand service from MTN i.e you can only activate it when you when it’s not an Auto-renewal service. Also, you can learn how to activate MTN Xtratime and deactivate it here.

So, deactivate MTN Xtrabytes, you don’t have to do anything, you just have to pay the outstanding Data you are owing them and it will be deactivated. However, if you think your money is been deducted because of this one service or the other, learn how to cancel or stop MTN service from deducting your money here or contact customer care.

Please note that MTN will deduct the equivalent of the amount borrowed through airtime when you charge your phone. And as mentioned above and before, the data you borrowed has the same expiration date as your normal data bundle.

But the question continues to circulate around the world. Why would anyone borrow data from MTN Nigeria? While there are many important and essential reasons why someone might be able to borrow data from MTN.

You can borrow data from MTN when you don’t have the money to hand, or you can borrow Mb through your online banking! Hey! Happy weekend everyone!