How To Increase Access Bank Transfer Limit?

Are you looking for how to increase Access bank transfer limit? Worry no more, as I am going to show you how to increase Access bank transfer limit on mobile app, how to increase transfer limit on Access bank ussd code, and how to increase daily transfer limit on Access bank.

When you want to make a transfer using the Access Bank mobile app or via USSD, you will notice that there are limits to the daily amount you can transfer. If you want to transfer a larger amount, this can become a problem.

Fortunately, the Access bank gave us a way to increase our daily transfer limit. You can learn how to increase the transfer limit on GTB, and the UBA transfer limit on this site as well.

In this post, I am going to write about how to increase Access bank transfer limit on mobile app and USSD code.

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Let’s go then…

How To Increase Access Bank Transfer Limit On Mobile App?

Access Bank usually limits the transfer in the mobile app to 200,000 naira per day, but you can increase it to a maximum of 5 million naira per day.

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Follow the instructions below to know how to increase Access bank transfer limit on mobile app:

  1. Open the Access Bank application
  2. Use your username and password to log in
  3. Click the HOME icon in the top left corner of the screen
  4. Choose self-service from the MENU options
  5. Select the chosen account by tapping the maintenance limit
  6. Before pressing the Continue button, enter the highest amount you wish to transfer into your local account type and enter your PIN.

Once you receive a successful update message, repeat steps 1 to 5, but this time choose NIP and also specify the maximum value for it.

However, the maximum NIP cannot exceed 500,000 naira.

How To Increase Transfer Limit On Access Bank USSD Code?

With the Access bank code USSD *901# you can transfer up to 100,000 naira and 20,000 naira per transaction daily.

If you want to transfer more than this amount, you can do it by going to the nearest bank branch to obtain a hardware token and also by filling out the form provided to you.

Access bank *901# banking has given many people the convenience of making phone transactions of any kind without stress and when it comes to money transfer, their daily in-app transactions are limited to N100,000 per day and, once you’ve reached that limit, you’ll have to wait until the next day if you want to make another transfer.

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To increase the access limit for bank transfers in the USSD bank code, interaction with the bank staff is required here as you need a hardware token for the bank and only your bank can issue it to you.

Remember in the section of the mobile app, if you want to increase your wire transfer limit to over 500,000, read on. The answer is that to achieve this as well, you must have access to the bank’s hardware token.

How to register for Access bank mobile app

Access Bank mobile app allows you to perform many important banking transactions such as verify BVN, pay utility bills, transfer money, top-up calling credit, check account balance, withdraw without card, generate account statements, book flights, manage checks and cards, card list ATMs, biometric login and authentication and much more.

To register on the Access Bank mobile app, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the Access Bank mobile app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store
  2. Install and run the application
  3. Click REGISTER
  4. Choose a User ID and Password
  5. You must generate a PIN with your card or OTP
  6. Create a transaction PIN

How to access banking hardware token

The Access bank hardware token can only be issued to you by your bank. In this case, you need to visit the nearest Access bank branch in your area, request the token, and explain everything to the service representative to the commanding customer.

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He/she will give you detailed instructions on how to obtain it, and you are free to ask anything you want to know about the token.

Conclusion: How To Increase Access Bank Transfer Limit

Everything you need to know about how to increase transfer limit on Access bank USSD code and how to increase Access bank transfer limit on mobile app has been explained to you in this guide and with the detailed information revealed in this guide, you can increase access to your bank/diamond bank transfer limit without any problem.

If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to go to the nearest Access bank PLC branch in your area, submit your inquiry and you will immediately receive the necessary guidance and assistance.


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