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Nirsal Microfinance Bank Transfer Code

Nirsal Microfinance Bank Transfer Code

Are using Nirsal and need Nirsal microfinance bank transfer code? You are on the right page, this post will give you the Nirsal Microfinance Bank USSD code and how to use the Nirsal microfinance bank transfer code, but let’s start with what Nirsal Microfinance Bank is.

About Nirsal Microfinance Bank

Nirsal Microfinance Bank is a national MFA that offers its users lines of credit at low interest rates. This bank aims to support and advise agricultural entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs with loans and savings lines that strengthen their business and savings goals.

But ultimately their goal is to help people who don’t have access to basic financial instruments to grow and improve and grow. Ultimately, it finances livelihoods, housing improvements, small businesses, and health.

Nirsal Microfinance Bank Transfer Code?

You can easily make the transfer to anyone from your NMFB account using the Nirsal microfinance bank USSD code which is *646#. You can also use the same code to access other NMFB services.

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What is the Nirsal Microfinance Bank Transfer Code?

*The Nirsal Microfinance Bank Transfer Code is 646#. This simple USSD code unlocks a world of banking possibilities directly from your mobile phone – no internet is required! With this code, you can:

  • Transfer funds to other Nirsal Microfinance Bank accounts
  • Transfer funds to accounts in other banks
  • Pay electricity, cable TV, and other utility bills
  • Purchase airtime and data
  • Check your account balance

Why Do I Love the Nirsal Microfinance Bank Transfer Code

Let me share a few reasons this code is a game-changer:

  • Convenience: No more queues or long commutes. With just a few taps on my phone, I take care of my banking needs from anywhere.
  • Accessibility: Is Internet connectivity unreliable? No problem! The Nirsal Microfinance Bank transfer code works flawlessly, even without a data connection.
  • Security: Your transactions are highly secure, keeping your hard-earned money safe.

How to Get Started

Here’s how to activate the Nirsal Microfinance Bank transfer code to start banking on the go:

  1. Open Your Account: If you don’t have a Nirsal Microfinance Bank account, the process is fast and straightforward. Visit a branch or check their website for details (
  2. Link Your Phone Number: Make sure the phone number you use for calls and texts is linked to your bank account.
  3. *Dial 646#: You’re ready to start banking!
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How to Use the Nirsal Microfinance Bank Transfer Code: A Step-by-Step Guide

I’ll keep this section simple because using the code is remarkably user-friendly! Here’s a basic example:

Transferring Funds to Another Nirsal Microfinance Bank Account:

  1. Dial *646#
  2. Select “Transfer”
  3. Choose “Transfer to Nirsal Account”
  4. Enter the recipient’s account number
  5. Enter the transfer amount
  6. Enter your transaction PIN
  7. Confirm the transaction

How do I get my Nirsal account number?

Contact the NMFB to find your Nirsal account number. This is also very important, especially if you are ready to start repaying your loan.

Nirsal Microfinance Bank App

If you’re finding it difficult to use a web page or USSD code, the best option is to use a Mobile App. It’s quite easy and straightforward to use. You can download it on Google Play.


Banks are always looking for more creative and innovative ways to stay on top of the market and dominate all other competitors.

Nirsal microfinance bank ussd codes are one way to do this. Using easy-to-remember access codes allows the user to make this transfer or pay these bills even if there is no data service.

In addition, users who cannot afford smartphones or business people, especially those in large markets who do not like carrying large phones or smartphones for security reasons, often opt for no smartphones. And that’s great because Nirsal Microfinance Bank Transfer Code works on many types of phones.

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Transactions are quick and easy using USSD codes.

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