March 22, 2023
How To Increase Transfer Limit On GTB 737 and Mobile App
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Want to know how to increase transfer limit on gtb 737 and how to increase transfer limit on gtb mobile app? Worry no more because the post is here to solve all your worries about increasing transfer limit on GTB app and USSD.

What is the transfer limit for gtbank mobile app?

This is the first important question that users of gtbank mobile banking ask and this question is very important to know the maximum transfer in gtbank mobile app.

Having used Gtbank’s mobile app since the introduction of mobile banking a few years ago, I’ll walk you through this post and also how to increase the transfer limit in GTB app.

GTBank Mobile App Transfer Limit

The transfer limit for Gtbank mobile app is two million nairas. The N2M I am talking about is for a savings account while checking account through Gtbank app is limited to five million nairas.

Previously, the transfer limit for gtbank’s mobile app for a savings account was tied to N1M, while the checking account was N3M.

At the end of 2019, the bank increased the limit to N2M for a savings account and N5M for the checking account, although I’m not sure if they increased the limit for the checking account to N10M, as rumor has it.

However, you can increase the transfer limit if you are not satisfied with the limit. This now brings us to the transfer limit increase in the GTB app.

How To Increase Transfer Limit On GTB App

If you want to transfer up to five million naira, I suggest you log in to gtbank online banking. With internet or internet banking from Gtbank, you can transfer up to N5M from your savings account.

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The reason internet banking has a high transfer limit is because of the hardware token. The hardware token is more reliable and well secured; the hardware token can transfer up to five million nairas in one day.

To further increase the transfer limit for the GTB mobile app, you need to go to any gtbank in your area. Go to the Customer Service section and speak to one of the customer service representatives.

Request in the GTB app that you want to increase the transfer limit. There you will be given a form to fill out and enter the amount by which you want to increase your maximum transfer in the gtbank mobile app.

However, keep in mind that Gtbank’s daily transfer limit is exceeded. And as I mentioned, the checking account has a higher transfer limit than the savings account. You should ask the customer service representative about the daily bank transfer limit to know the amount you write on the form.

When you are done filling out the form, return it to the customer service representative for processing your request. It takes no more than three to complete the process and usually the customer service representative does it right in front of you.

At present, in the year 2021, GTBank has recently increased its transfer limit through its ATM to five million naira. I know you may not like this because you have to get out of your comfort zone to make a switch.

Frankly, it really annoys me when I see bank customers queuing for money transfers when they can do that on their phones.

Maybe because the transfer limit for gtbank mobile app is way too low and they decide to use the ATM. So what I am saying is that you can use the ATM to transfer up to five million naira from your GTBank savings account.

However, I still prefer internet banking as it has the same transfer limit and I would have to go outside or find the nearest GTbank or ATM near me.

I repeat, to increase the transfer limit in GTB app you need to contact the bank and ask them to increase the transfer limit in your gtbank mobile banking app. From there you can continue with it but keep in mind that it will not be more than five million nairas.

How to increase transfer limit on GTB 737?

Now, here we go, here is how to increase transfer limit on gtb 737. One of the main reasons your transfer limit is low is the way you activate your transfer pin at USSD*737#. If you activate the wire transfer PIN on 737 without using an ATM card, you have a low wire transfer limit. So, for how to increase transfer limit on gtb 737, you need to update the pin code with an ATM card.

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To increase your daily limit, request a card for the price of N1.075 including VAT if you don’t have card. Then, to enjoy a higher transfer limit, dial *737*5# and choose option 3 to change your existing 737 with a debit card.

Gtbank USSD *737# Vs Gtbank Mobile App Transfer Limit

If you look at the transfer limit for the gtbank mobile app and compare it with the *737#ussd transfer limit, you will see that mobile banking or internet banking is required.

Between the Gtbank internet banking, the mobile banking app, and the *737# ussd code, the ussd has the lowest transfer limit.

The transfer limit of Gtbank*737#ussd is only two hundred thousand nairas per day. Mind you, if you don’t have an ATM, it’s twenty thousand nairas per day.

Far too low compared to internet banking and the mobile banking app.

To increase the ussd code limit for gtbank *737#, you need a hardware token. Last time I asked it was N3k, although I don’t know the current price at this point. You can transfer up to a million nairas through the hardware token with the ussd code *737#.

Still, the transfer limit for the gtbank mobile app is much better. In addition to the transfer, you can also request your account statement via the Gtbank app.

The best way to transfer money is to go to the bank. I am talking about sending money directly from the bank, it is more reliable than any other means.

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You can even transfer all your money to another account. Since you are physically present at the bank, you have a maximum transfer via the deposit method.

How much does GTBank charge for the transfer?

For example, the gtbank calculates your transfer for internet banking, the mobile banking app, and the *737# ussd code.

If you make a transfer of fewer than five thousand nairas, the gtbank will charge you N10 for the transfer plus VAT of N0.75kb, making a total of N10.75.

If you switch from five thousand to ten thousand nairas, you will be charged a total of N25 as a transfer fee.

Finally, for a transfer of ten thousand nairas and above, a total of N50 will be charged for the transfer fee. So far, these are the transfer fees I see when I use my account to transfer money.

During the lockdown, the bank has removed the transfer fee of N5k below and reduced the transfer fee for the amount of N10k and more to just N15. Since November 2020 they have put everything back to how it was before the lockdown.

Conclusion – How To Increase Transfer Limit On GTB 737 and Mobile App

This is all I have for you about how to increase transfer limit on gtb 737 with how to increase transfer limit on gtb mobile app. However, I recommend that you contact the bank for more information and guidance. They are in the right position to help, although gtbank online customer service is very slow with questions.