Access Diamond Bank Transfer Code

This post will tell all customers about the Access Diamond bank transfer code 2024 and how to use it effectively.

As we all know, Diamond Bank has now merged with Access Bank PLC and is now called Access Bank. This means that all Diamond Bank customers now belong to Access Bank’s customer base.

Access Diamond Bank Transfer Code 2024

This promotion has led to a frequently asked question among Diamond Bank customers about the bank transfer code used to send money in Nigeria.

Due to the high volume of inquiries about bank transfer codes we receive every day, we have been asked to write an article to make the Access Diamond bank transfer code known to the general public.

Please note that I will be using Diamond and Access Bank interchangeably in this post.

This article will show;

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Features and Requirements of the Diamond Bank Transfer Service

Below are some features of the Diamond Bank Transfer Service:

  • Bank access
  • You can only use it with the phone number associated with your Diamond bank account
  • Your phone must be able to run a USSD session and be connected to a network signal
  • Funds, commissions, and other taxes are charged directly to your Diamond bank account
  • Most importantly, you need to create a 4-digit PIN to transact (if you haven’t already created one).

However, if you don’t know how to create a transaction PIN, I’m going to teach you how to do it here and now. Please note that you must have created your 4-digit PIN before you can make a Diamond Bank USSD transaction.

All Access (Diamond) bank Transfer Code at a glance

Airtime for self*901*Amount#
Airtime for others*901*Amount*Phone Number#
Account Opening*901*0#
Data Purchase*901*8#
Balance Enquiry*901*5#
Fund Transfer to Access Bank*901*1*Amount*Account Number#
Fund Transfer to Other Banks*901*2*Amount*Account Number#
Merchant Payment*901*3*Amount*Merchant Code#
Bill Payment*901*3#
OTP Generation*901*4*1#

How To Create Access Diamond Bank Transfer Code PIN

The whole process certainly doesn’t take a minute. To make yours, follow these steps:

  • Dial *901# (make sure to use the phone number registered to your Diamond bank account).
  • Select and send option “2” (transfers).
  • Select “1” or “2” to create your PIN with “debit card” or “no debit card”.
  • If you select “Debit Card”, you will need to provide your card number to continue. Conversely, if you select “no debit card”, you will be asked to provide your date of birth to proceed.
  • Enter a 4-digit number that is easy to remember. You must then provide the 4-digit number to complete a USSD transaction.
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What is the Access Diamond Bank Transfer Code?

You probably already know how to successfully create your transaction PIN. After that, the next thing to do is start the transfer.

Access Diamond bank transfer code 2021 is * 901 * amount * account number #.

You can use this code to transfer money from Diamond (Access) Bank to Diamond (Access) Bank. You can also use it to transfer money to another bank in Nigeria.

In addition, I’ll show you in less than a minute how to make mobile transfers with the shortcode. Read this article to the end.

How To Transfer Money To Diamond (Access) Bank

To transfer money within the same bank (diamond > diamond), follow this short procedure;

  • Dial * 901 * 1 * amount * account number #. For example, if I want to transfer N1,000, the format is *901*1*1000*0123456789#
  • Confirm the recipient’s account name
  • Enter your 4-digit transaction PIN
  • Click on “send”

How To Transfer Money From Access Diamond Bank To Other Bank In Nigeria

If you want to transfer money from your Access (Diamond) bank account to another Nigerian bank, you should try this method. It’s very easy.

  • Dial * 901 * 2 * Amount * Account number #. For example, if I want to transfer an amount of N2,000 to another bank, I would call *901*2*2000*1234567890#
  • Select the recipient’s bank
  • Confirm the recipient’s account name
  • Enter your 4-digit Pincode
  • Click “Submit” (A total of N84 will be charged for commission and VAT)
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I think this seemed a bit long, let me try to take the stress out of you. I’ll give you a shorter and less stressful procedure.

In addition, you can transfer money to the same/another bank via this method. Follow these steps:

  • First select * 901 * amount * account number #
  • Select the recipient’s bank
  • Enter your 4-digit Pincode
  • Confirm the recipient’s details and click “Send”

Benefits Of Access Diamond Bank Transfer Code

  • You can send money to friends and family in Nigeria with the convenience of your mobile phone.
  • Plus, you don’t have to queue at banks to deposit your money for the transfer.
  • Above all, the service is always available, every day.
  • An internet connection is certainly not necessary.
  • This is the fastest way to send money to third parties. For example, the transfer to other banks takes a maximum of 30 seconds.

Access Diamond Bank Transfer Code FAQ

How many times can I use the Access Diamond bank transfer code per day?

You can certainly use it as many times as you want as long as you don’t hit the N20,000 daily transaction limit.

Can the Access Diamond bank transfer service be used in all networks?

Yes sir. All mobile phone users can use the platform. No one is exempt as long as your SIM card is linked to your Diamond bank account.

I received a session timeout message, what should I do?

The USSD session expires after 20 seconds of inactivity. Therefore, you need to be very quick when transacting via USSD.

If you receive this message, re-enter the code to continue with your transaction. You can also go here for more information.

Access Diamond bank transfer code – Conclusion

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