Today, we are going to teach you how to use the Union bank transfer code to send money, buy airtime and perform many other different banking transactions without any stress.

The Union Bank USSD code is much easier to use. It’s much more important, especially if you don’t have a smartphone connected to the internet. The Union Bank Transfer Code is also known as the Union Bank Code. It can also be used to generate a payment code and PIN for cardless withdrawals.

What Is The Union Bank Transfer Code?

You can use the Union Bank Transfer Code to transfer money from Union Bank to another bank. It is also a platform where you can easily check your account balance while on the go.

Currently, almost all Nigerian banks have implemented mobile banking and have provided a Bank transfer code to all their customers. You can also call it Union Bank Mobile Money top-up code.

The Union bank transfer code is now available to all users. And the company has made it a lot easier and faster for everyone in their employ.

Benefits And Features Of Union Bank Transfer Code

  • You can send money to other banks
  • You can buy airtime for yourself and others
  • You can check your account balance
  • You can open an account
  • You can save for the future
  • You can pay your bills

What can I do with 826 USSD Banking?

  • Send money to other UBN and other bank accounts.
  • Stay connected, buy airtime for yourself and others on all major networks.
  • Keep an eye on your burgeoning empire, checking account number, balance, and BVN along the way.
  • Generate a payment code and a PIN for cardless withdrawal transactions.
  • Keep it simple and smart, pay bills.

How To Activate My Union Bank Transfer Code?

Before you can proceed with the Union transfer code you need to complete the registration and luckily you can complete the registration hassle-free and stress-free.

In any case, you must have an account with Union Bank before you can register offline. The Union bank transfer code is *826#.

And yes, it is absolutely free to register for a Union Bank Transfer Code. All you need to do is dial *826# to register.

Please note that you need to dial the code of the number officially registered with the company. And the union bank transfer code registration will not take place until you dial the numbers for the first time.

How Do I Create A Union Transfer Pin?

The Union bank transfer code cannot be entered and secured without the use of the 4-digit Bank transfer pin. Union Bank confirms that your security is in its best interest.

The Union transfer pin is very important and essential. The transaction PIN is requested when you want to complete a transaction.

The Union Bank transfer PIN is very important. To create a Union Bank Transfer PIN, dial *826*5# to create a transaction PIN.

It is always advisable to create a 4-digit transaction PIN that you can easily remember. For example, the number must be your PIN for withdrawing money.

Union Bank Transfer Code To Another Account?

The use of union bank transfer code to another account is completely free. At Union Bank, you do not need a data internet connection to use this service. And like I said, they like to keep it simple. To transfer money from Union Bank to other banks, please enter * 826 * 2 * Amount * Account No. After choosing the code, you can enter your Bank transfer PIN.

In the meantime, to transfer money from Union Bank to a UBN account, simply call *826*1*amount*account number# and enter your transfer PIN. That’s all.

To confirm that the transaction was successful, you will see a pop-up message on your phone screen and SMS notification will be automatically sent to your phone number registered with the bank.

Please note that you can only make transfers from your individual current or savings account. This means that you cannot trade with the following account types: corporate accounts, joint accounts, target savings accounts, and domicile accounts.

The costs for transferring money to other banks are 52.50 per transaction. It is free for other UBN accounts. We know you understand.

Union Bank Transfer Code Limit

Daily transfer limit is N250, 000. However, you can request for a limit increase but you will have to complete an indemnity form for this request to be granted.

How To Buy Credit With The Union Bank Transfer Code

To buy or top up your SIM card with Union Airtime Bank Transfer Code, just dial *826*Amount#. For example, dial *826*500# and enter your transfer PIN.

In the meantime, if you want to buy airtime for your friends or family, you can simply call *826*Amount* the recipient’s mobile number and enter your transfer PIN.

You must understand that it is completely free, which means that there is no cost to top up airtime. And the service is available on MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, and 9Mobile.

Before proceeding, you must use your registered number to purchase and purchase airtime from Union Bank. Any transaction not completed without this registration will not work.

There is a daily cumulative limit of 20,000 Se (self and third party) available. This is the limit for airtime purchases. There is a daily limit amount of ₦200,000.

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Union Bank transfer code is very simple and easy to top up your SIM card or the number of your friends or family. It is also known as third-party charging.