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How To Use First Bank Cardless Withdrawal Service 2021 in Nigeria

How To Use First Bank Cardless Withdrawal Service in Nigeria?

First bank cardless withdrawal service has helped close the gap when customers lose or malfunction ATM cards, in the worst case when the card is withheld from the ATM. With the help of First bank Nigeria cardless withdrawal, you can now withdraw money from your ATM without your debit or credit card.

Does First Bank do cardless withdrawals?

The bank’s ATMs are also equipped with cardless functionality that makes it easier for non-bank customers to deposit or withdraw money from the ATMs without a debit card. This is direct proof of the value proposition of putting customers first.

First bank savers can now send money to their business partner who does not have a bank account. They can also use this service to send money to their relatives. How to use the First bank cardless withdrawal service? All it takes is to generate the payment code and send it to them.

What Do You Need To Use First Bank Cardless Withdrawal?

These are the things you will need at the ATM instead of your credit/debit card:

  • The exact amount you wish to withdraw.
  • The 12-digit Paycode is sent to your mobile line as an SMS.
  • The self-generated 4-digit one-time PIN code (OTP)
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How To Use First Bank Cardless Withdrawal Service?

Carefully follow the steps below to start withdrawing money without a card (especially if this is your first time doing this).

  1. Dial first bank cardless withdrawal code * 848 * Amount #.
  2. A popup would ask you for certain details of your account. Verify the transaction carefully, this information and your pin code
  3. In the next popup window, you should generate a one-time 4- to 4-digit PIN. Generate the PIN yourself and press send. (Make sure to write down your generated PIN (OTP)
  4. You may have to wait a little longer for a payment code to be sent to you via SMS or email. (This is to your phone you are using for the transaction)
  5. Next, you need to find the nearest ATM with First Bank Cardless and then enter your personal PIN. In the following options, select Cardless recording
  6. Enter your 4-digit one-time PIN (the PIN you generated) and payment code
  7. Enter the amount you are tied to and your phone number
  8. After some time verifying your account, your money will be paid out to you!

As you could see, it saves you the stress of card-carrying. You just need the codes and you get your money. You may be concerned that the codes will leak to the public eye, but they will expire 24 hours after It was generated. It just becomes useless code the next day.

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Do not play with your PIN (the permanent PIN you received when creating an account). Any code that you need to write down while about to perform a cardless withdrawal does not need to be noted down. If you don’t always remember, don’t try an alternative method that requires you to write it down on paper.

First Bank Cardless withdrawal makes it easier to withdraw money, but the cardless feature makes for an even easier way to withdraw!

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