April 2, 2023
How To Increase Transfer Limit On UBA App 2021
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How to increase transfer limit on UBA app? United Bank for Africa (UBA) is one of the most reliable banks when it comes to mobile banking. Their USSD code and mobile app are super secure and from time to time they call their customers to make sure they are the people making the transaction before letting it go through. Until now, Unstructured Supplementary Service (USSD) mobile banking codes have been our fastest way to transact, and sometimes you don’t even need airtime on your line for transactions, especially when your registered mobile number on that account is an MTN number (all you need to do is just pick the shortcode like for UBA which is *919# and do your thing).

Earlier, when CBN rolled out cashless policies and banking apps and codes to enable this, we shared a post explaining in detail how to download; install, and use the United Bank for Africa (UBA) mobile app on Android, iOS, and any other smartphone operating system; And also how to use the fast *919# UBA code for wire transfer, top-up credit, check balance and much more. At that time, the daily transaction limit was only N30,000 (except for the addition of token authentication, also known as a secure pass).

How to increase transfer limit on UBA app?

Well, we’re happy to let you know that UBA has heard our voice and rolled out a new daily transaction limit that allows users to make up to N100,000 wire transfers with PIN and up to N1,000,000 transactions per day when they sign up for a security pass. and sign a waiver.

Below is a quote from the email we received from UBA earlier this week:

“Dear customer, now you have the opportunity to do more on *919# even without data. With just your PIN you can transact up to N 100,000 daily. Makeup to N 1,000,000 transactions daily when you register for a security pass and sign a waiver The limit of N100,000 can be reached in several tranches of N20,000 each.

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How to increase the transfer limit on UBA USSD code?

Choose one of our Magic Banking Codes now:”

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Here’s How To Increase Your Daily UBA Transaction Limit On 919 Magic Banking

  • Just call *919#
  • Follow the prompt and enter your registered PIN if necessary.
  • Choose the option that shows “Increase Limit” by entering the number of that option, e.g. 7.
  • Accept the terms.

That’s all. You can now enjoy your new daily limit of N100,000 on your Magic Banking.

How to increase transfer limit on UBA app?

If you want to increase the transfer limit on the UBA app, then carefully follow this section on how to increase the transfer limit on UBA app. If you just register or log in to the new UBA app, UBA will limit your transfer to 20,000 Naira per day for 24 to 72 hours. So you have to wait 24 or 72 hours depending on the time given when logging in.

So, for how to increase transfer limit on uba app due to CBN policy, to increase your transfer limit, you need to visit the nearest UBA branch to your home.

We found this Youtube Video helpful:

What is the Union Bank Transfer Limit on the app?

The following are the Union bank transfer limits :

  • PIN – N200,000/day
  • OTP – N200k per day
  • Secure pass – N1miliion/day
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Note: For higher limits, up to N5 million per day, you must visit one of our corporate offices or contact UBA to make a claim. Please note that these limits are regulated by the CBN.