How To Convert MTN Awuf4u To Data

How to Convert MTN Awuf4U to Data and Maximize Value

Are you tired of running out of data on your MTN line? Are you searching for ways to get more value for your money when purchasing data? Look no further! This article is your ultimate guide on “How to Convert MTN Awuf4U to Data” and “How to Use MTN Awuf4U for Data.” Follow these steps, and you’ll not only learn how to convert your MTN Awuf4U bonus to data but also discover strategies to maximize the value of your data plan.

Key Takeaways

  • MTN Awuf4U provides up to 300% bonus on recharges above N100, usable for both data and call credit.
  • Activate the bonus by dialing 888PIN, and check the bonus balance with 55914.
  • Bonus airtime has an expiration date and can only be used for MTN calls and texts.
  • Maximizing the value involves using data-saving features, monitoring usage, and turning off unnecessary apps.
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How to Convert MTN Awuf4U to Data

Regrettably, there is no direct method to convert MTN Awuf4u airtime bonus to data. However, MTN offers alternative ways to acquire data bundles:

Main Account Balance:

You can purchase data bundles using your main account balance. Ensure you have sufficient funds, and then follow the standard procedure to subscribe to your desired data plan.

Redeem MTN Pulse Points:

MTN Pulse users have the option to redeem their accumulated Pulse points for data bundles. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Dial *406#.
  2. Reply with ‘7’ to select Pulse Points.
  3. Reply with ‘1’ to choose Redeem Data Bundle.
  4. Select your preferred data bundle from the available options.

This method provides Pulse users with an additional avenue to access data bundles beyond the traditional main account balance.

How to Use MTN Awuf4U for Data

Introduction to MTN Awuf4U

MTN Awuf4U offers up to 300% bonus on recharges above N100. Recharge N100 and get N400 for calls; recharge N200 and get N800 for calls.

Usage of MTN Awuf4u Bonus

While the airtime bonuses from MTN Awuf4u are generous, it’s essential to understand their limitations:

  • Usage Options: You can use the bonus for making calls, sending SMS, or browsing the internet at a rate of 45 kobo per second.
  • Data Bonus: If you recharge through the MoMo channel, you enjoy an extra 200% data bonus for data activities.
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Activating Awuf4U Bonus:

  • Dial 888PIN# after recharging to activate the bonus.
  • Check bonus balance with 55914#.

Recharging Your MTN Line

Over 70% of Nigerians use MTN. Recharge using physical cards, electronic vouchers, online banking, mobile banking, or the MTN app.

Top-up Options and Payment Methods:

  • Physical Recharge Card: Cash
  • Electronic Recharge Voucher: Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer
  • Online Banking: Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer
  • Mobile Banking: Bank Transfer
  • MTN Mobile App: Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer

Using Your Bonus Airtime

  • Use bonus airtime for MTN calls and texts only.
  • Expiration date varies based on the bonus amount.

Using Bonus Airtime for Data:

  • Dial USSD code for data conversion provided by MTN.

Using Your Bonus Data

Maximizing Your Value

Up to 200% bonus on recharge means more data for less money.

Practice data management tips: monitor usage, turn off unnecessary apps, and use Wi-Fi when possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the MTN Awuf4U bonus airtime and data last?

Valid for 14 days from the recharge date. Recharge via USSD, MTN recharge card, or mobile banking app to continue enjoying the bonus.

Is there a limit to the bonus airtime and data I can receive using MTN Awuf4U?

You can receive up to ₦20,000 in bonuses, redeemable as airtime and data bundles. No limit on the bonus amount.

Can I transfer my MTN Awuf4U bonus to another MTN user?

Unfortunately, bonus airtime and data are not transferable; only usable on the awarded MTN line.

How do I check my MTN Awuf4U bonus balance?

Dial 55914#. To activate, dial 888PIN# or recharge with 888PIN#.


While converting MTN Awuf4u airtime bonus directly to data might not be possible, the offer still presents an excellent opportunity to enjoy significant bonuses on recharges. By understanding the usage options and alternative methods for acquiring data, users can make informed decisions on how to get the most value from their MTN Awuf4u bonuses.

Remember to explore the additional benefits, such as the extra 200% data bonus for recharging through the MoMo channel, and leverage alternative options like redeeming Pulse points for data bundles. Stay connected, make the most of your bonuses, and enjoy a seamless mobile experience with MTN Awuf4u!

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