How To Deactivate MTN Xtravalue Plan? (Latest Update)

How to deactivate MTN xtravalue plan? This article explains how to enable and disable the MTN Xtravalue plan, including how to stop MTN xtravalue auto-renewal and How To Opt Out Of Mtn Xtra Value. The MTN XtraValue plan was launched in 2016 with great and delicious offers attracting many MTN subscribers to join the offering. MTN XtraValue aims to enrich customers with voice airtime and bundles. They offer affordable packages and the first is the Xtradata, while the other is Xtratalk.

The Xtratalk gives you more airtime to call and the Xtradata gives you data to surf the Internet.

How To Subscribe To The MTN Xtravalue Plan

To subscribe to the MTN XtraValue rate plan, dial * 131 * 2 # and select the desired bundle type. Or you can send your preferred XtraValue rate to 131. After subscribing, you can now buy any XtraValue rate plan.

How to Check the XtraValue Rate Plan Bundle Balance

To view your rate plan for the XtraValue package, dial * 556 # or * 559 * 61 # from your mobile. If you already have the MyMTN app on your phone, you should be able to see your bundle plan.

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How To Stop MTN Xtravalue Auto Renewal

Can you stop the automatic renewal of Mtn Xtravalue? Yes, you can cancel the automatic renewal of your bundle at any time by sending the code No+Bundle code to 131, e.g. NoD300 to 131.

How To Deactivate MTN Xtravalue Plan

If you are no longer interested in this plan anymore and you want to know how to deactivate the MTN xtravalue plan, you can easily deactivate or opt out of the MTN Xtravalue plan at any time, as long as you have enough airtime on your phone. Because if you leave the plan in a month, you will be charged a fee of N100. There is no special code to deactivate the MTN Xtravalue Plan.

All you need to do is migrate to one of your preferred MTN plans. For example, you can migrate to MTN-Impulse by dialing * 406 # or migrate to MTN-M-Impulse with * 344 #. After the migration, you automatically deactivate the MTN XtraValue rate plan and join one of your selected plans. Note: Once deactivated, you can no longer use the bundle balance for the new plan you have migrated to.

How To Deactivate MTN Xtravalue Plan – How To Opt Out Of Mtn Xtra Value

Deactivating your MTN Xtravalue Plan is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few simple steps. Follow these instructions to make the transition smoothly:

  1. Check Your Account Balance: Before you proceed, ensure that you have sufficient airtime to cover any pending charges or subscriptions associated with your current Xtravalue Plan.
  2. Select Your New Plan: Determine which MTN tariff plan you want to switch to. Each plan offers unique benefits, so choose the one that best suits your needs. Ensure you have the migration code for your selected plan.
  3. Send a Deactivation SMS: To deactivate your Xtravalue Plan, send an SMS with the following content: “NO+Bundle Code” to 131. Replace “Bundle Code” with the specific code for your current Xtravalue Plan. For example, if you’re on the 300 Naira (XS) XtraTalk Bundle, you would type “NOV300” and send it to 131.
  4. Confirmation Message: After sending the SMS, you should receive a confirmation message from MTN, acknowledging your request to deactivate the Xtravalue Plan. This indicates that your request is being processed.
  5. Migrate to Your New Plan: With your Xtravalue Plan successfully deactivated, it’s time to migrate to your chosen tariff plan. To do this, send the migration code of the new plan to 131. This step will complete your transition to the new plan that better aligns with your 2023 needs.
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FAQs About Deactivating MTN Xtravalue Plan

Can I deactivate my MTN Xtravalue Plan at any time?

Yes, you can deactivate your MTN Xtravalue Plan at any time. The process is flexible and allows you to switch to a different tariff plan whenever it suits you.

How can I check my MTN bonus balance?

To check your MTN bonus balance, dial *559# and press the call button. You’ll receive a message with details of your bonus balance.

Is there a fee for deactivating my Xtravalue Plan?

No, there is typically no fee associated with deactivating your Xtravalue Plan. It’s a straightforward process that allows you to switch to a more suitable plan without additional charges.

What should I do if I mistakenly subscribe to the wrong MTN plan?

If you accidentally subscribe to the wrong MTN plan, don’t worry. You can cancel or deactivate it following the instructions provided in our guide. Then, you can subscribe to the correct plan that meets your needs.

Conclusion – How To Deactivate MTN Xtravalue Plan

Deactivating your MTN Xtravalue Plan in 2024 is a straightforward process that allows you to transition to a new tariff plan better suited to your current needs. Remember to check your account balance, select your desired plan, send the deactivation SMS, and migrate to your new plan. The flexibility of MTN’s services ensures that you have the freedom to choose a plan that aligns perfectly with your communication requirements in the new year.

If you have more questions or need further assistance with How To Opt Out Of Mtn Xtra Value, don’t hesitate to reach out to MTN’s customer care. They are there to help you make the most of your mobile experience.

So, go ahead, make the switch, and enjoy the benefits of the MTN tariff plan that’s right for you in 2023!