March 22, 2023
How to Rollover Expired Data on MTN

How to Rollover Expired Data on MTN

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How to rollover expired data on MTN? You may already know that the MTN now allows the transfer of unused Internet data packets to the next subscription date.

As a result of the many requests I’ve been getting lately about users complaining about not adding their previous unused data to their new subscription after it expires, I’ve decided to take this opportunity to clarify how to rollover expired data on MTN.

Without wasting any time, let’s go straight to the topic of the day.

MTN data rollover service

It is important to first note that the MTN data rollover offer only applies to monthly MTN data plans, be it the monthly MTN night plan, the monthly daily plan, or other plans with a term of 1 month.

How to Rollover Expired data on MTN?

Now how to rollover expired data on MTN to your new plan?

To transfer your unused monthly data plan from MTN, all you need to do is aim to top up your credit by the exact amount or more of the monthly plan you previously subscribed to before your active monthly plan expired.

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By doing this, when your action plan expires, you will be automatically subscribed to a new monthly plan, and your previously unused data, if any, will be automatically transferred to the new plan.

For example, let’s say you signed up for the N2500 monthly night plan on the 24th of last month. For a rollover of unused data to be effective and built into your next subscription, please ensure you have topped up to at least N2,500 in your credit balance before the 24th of this month, your previous subscription expires.

Note: This does not necessarily mean that you have to subscribe to the same amount of data. You can subscribe for a lower or higher amount, and your unused data rollover will work until the date of the new subscription data expiration date.

Otherwise, any subscription you have taken out after the previous month’s subscription has expired will not affect your rollover data and you will have to lose your previously unused data.

What is The Code To Rollover Expired Data On MTN?

Is there any code to rollover expired data on MTN so that, you can use expired data on mtn? The only code to rollover expired data on MTN is the MTN data subscription code to renew your data plan before it’s expired. You can learn about all MTN data subscription codes here.

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Conclusion – How to rollover expired data on MTN

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