MTN Double Data Bonus without Tweaking IMEI.
Hello guys, I brought you a good news today. Most of us are using IMEI tweaking to get MTN Double Data Bonus on our phone, but most of are us cannot tweak our phone IMEI because of the risk it brings to our phone.
But, if you don’t want to risk your phone just to get Double Data on your phone. Good news! There is a way you can get MTN Double Data Bonus without tweaking your phone IMEI.
Well, I’m happy to work with you step by step guide on the new MTN Double Data Bonus activation method.
A new method to enable MTN 100% (Double) Data without changing your IMEI.
The first thing you do is send a series of MTN messages and wait for their answers.
Send “Double” to 131.
Send  “promo” to 131.
Send “free” to 131.
Once the above keywords are sent to MTN, wait for the three answers below. The third answer determines whether your SIM card is enabled for double data bonus or not. Once you have received the third message, you can continue to subscribe to all MTN * 131 * 1 # dial-up data plans.
But it is highly recommended to start with smaller ones to be sure and even safer parts. Once you receive 100% bonus on the small plans, you can continue with the monthly plans that you can pay.
First message: “Sorry, the command you entered is incorrect.”
Second message: “Y’ello! Your request is received and processed, you will receive an answer shortly, thank you not to return your request Thank you!”
3rd message: “Dear customer, Take advantage of the data offers in the MTN Deal area, dial * 131 * 1 #”.
How to check the double MTN data bonus balance.
To check the balance of your data, send only 2 to 131 or dial * 131 * 4 #.
I have been using this method on my two differents MTN sim for the past 3 months now and it’s still working.
Thanks for taking your time to read this and do not forget to share on your Social media Account for others to enjoy MTN Double Data Bonus.