The Fidelity bank transfer code is basically a 5 digit USSD pin that allows any customer of the bank who carries a registered phone number to perform basic banking transactions on their mobile phones.

So unlike the Fidelity Mobile banking app, the USSD option does not require an internet connection. Any random “I’m passing my neighbor”, black and white, blue screen, like a fat cell phone can run that package.

Okay. Now that we’ve cleared that up, for all those Nigerians who think that transferring money from your Fidelity Bank account to other banks or any other bank is all you can do with the wire transfer code, you’re in for a shock!

Benefits Of Using Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

Here are other benefits you get from this Fidelity bank transfer code service that you probably didn’t know about (Bulletpoint No.5 is the best!):

  • Easy, simple, fast, and convenient
  • You can now easily pay your bills.
  • Change your PIN.
  • Check your balance request.
  • Update your BVN.
  • Probably the craziest perk: you can block your stolen ATM cards.
  • Choose the SMS and Email Alerts feature.
  • Transaction process takes less than 20 seconds
  • The Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The service is available to subscribers of Airtel, Etisalat, GLO, and MTN

Fidelity Bank Transfer Code Limitation

They say that everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage.

In light of that, here are also some limitations you may experience using this service that you probably weren’t aware of… until now:

  • Your daily charging limit is N20,000 daily
  • Your maximum daily transfer limit is N100,000
  • Doesn’t require internet, but it depends on your telecom provider’s full network signal (sad if you’re using Glo! Haha!).

Bullet point No.1 is quite reasonable, don’t you think? I really don’t see why they say it’s a limitation.

Unless of course, you have containers swimming on the high seas from China if you want to use an N20,000 recharge card daily? It used to be just N5,000. What happened to this country?

Fidelity USSD Banking Services & Fees

Here’s something extra for all of you. A little reminder that nothing is free in this life…not even to check your account balance (because why the hell should it? But hey, at least some of the cost got the Black Friday memo and offered some discount).

ServiceOld FeeNew Fee
Balance Enquiry1020
Intra-bank Transfer7050
Inter bank Transfer7050
Bill Payments100105

Fidelity Bank recharge code: How to buy airtime for yourself, friends & family.

To recharge your phone yourself, dial *770*AMOUNT#.

To recharge for Mama & Papa and dem for Village, call *770*PHONE*AMOUNT#.

How To Activate Fidelity Bank Transfer Code Pin

It’s no news that you can’t do transactions with Fidelity bank transfer code without first creating your USSD mobile bank PIN. So follow the steps below to create your own unique Fidelity Bank pin:

  • Dial *770# on your Fidelity Bank registered phone.
  • Select 1 from the command on the screen.
  • Enter your fidelity bank (NUBAN) account number.
  • Then create your 4-digit PIN to authorize transactions.

You are done! It’s time to get that money to change hands.

How to Activate Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

To activate your fidelity bank transfer code, after creating your PIN, as shown above, activate it by testing it out, literally turning off the service for a spin on any of the items in the USSD menu.

For example, you can activate it by trying to transfer to another bank, as shown in the next subheading below…

Fidelity Bank Transfer Code: How to Transfer from Fidelity Bank to Other Banks.

Relax, it’s a piece of cake.

To transfer money from Fidelity Bank to other Nigerian banks, Call *770*ACCOUNT*AMOUNT# to transfer money.

For example, if you need to send N250,000 to your good friend’s account and that account number happens to be 0123456789, then call *770*0123456789*250000#.

Fidelity Bank Balance Code: How to Check Account Balance On Fidelity

To check your bank account balance or do a balanced survey from the comfort of your mobile phone, the Fidelity Bank balance code is *770*0#. Call it and just follow the instructions.

Conclusion – Now it’s your turn

What issues did you encounter when creating and activating your Transfer PIN or code? What problems occurred when you tried to charge?

Comment below and we’ll help you out. Nevertheless, if it worked fine, do let us know in the comment box as well.