How to Port to MTN from Other Networks in South Africa?

How to Port to MTN from Other Networks in South Africa?

How to Port to MTN from Other Networks in South Africa? Maybe you are tired of your current network because of the high tariff, the slow network, the high data costs, or simply because you want to switch networks. The problem that can be associated with this is that you will lose the number that everyone knows you by. Well, that’s all different now, thanks to the ease with which you can port to MTN from other networks.

This service is available through Mobile Number Portability (MNP), which allows you to transfer to your current service provider’s MTN while retaining your phone number. The porting process is simple and convenient. Another easy process is how to get your PUK after moving to MTN.

What exactly does porting from one network to another mean?

The process of porting from one network to another means switching from mobile telecommunications service providers to another. Instead of getting a whole new line, you still keep your old number when porting.

This means that your current number will remain as it is, but the network provider will change. When you successfully port your line to MTN or another network, you become the subscriber of your new network. Therefore, you must use the top-up card of your new network.

Also, the rate plans you’re on, as well as other plans, will reflect your new service provider, even if your phone number is still displayed as it was with your previous service provider. It is worth noting that mobile number portability in South Africa is not a new invention. It has been around since 2006.

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How to port to MTN from Other Networks in South Africa?

What makes porting other networks to MTN interesting is that it is not stressful. You can have the entire process done in the comfort of your home by following a few simple steps. However, keep in mind that you may need to buy another MTN SIM card to try again if you skip these steps. These are the steps to follow:

How to port to MTN Steps

  • The first thing you’ll want to do after you’ve decided to port to MTN is to buy an MTN SIM card.
  • Once this is done you will want to use your SIM card RICA
  • During the process, you will be asked to show each means of identification, which can be identity documents or Smart Identification Card. You must also provide proof of residency.
  • With your new MTN, SIM RICA, please note that you are not allowed to insert it into any device yet. If you enter it on any device, it will take the current number and therefore you cannot use it for porting.
  • Then use the SIM card you want to transfer to MTN, which can be Vodacom, Telkom, or Cell C SIM, send SMS, PORTME# (10 digit MTN SIM card number) to 083 767 8287
  • Please note that the 10-digit MTN SIM number can be found in the SIM package. So the SMS has the following form; ‘PORTME#0000000000.’
  • After some time you will receive a confirmation SMS informing you that your application is progressing.
  • You will want to wait at least 24 hours after receiving the confirmation message, and then you can insert your new MTN SIM card into your mobile device.
  • To activate your new SIM card, select New Number when prompted, and with all processes followed up to the last one, you will be successfully transferred to the MTN.

Note: This how to port to MTN process is the same if you want to transfer from Vodacom, Telkom, or any other network in South Africa to MTN.

How to port to MTN from Telkom

The following is how to port to mtn from telkom in South Africa;

  • To get started, you need to buy an MTN SIM card.
  • The next thing you need to do is RICA the new SIM card.
  • Now keep your old Telkom SIM card in your phone. Do not insert the new MTN SIM card yet.
  • On your old SIM card, open Messages and enter the following; PORTME#(SIM MTN number)
  • Send the number to 083 767 8287.
  • An example is PORTME #3784495950.
  • You will now receive a message on your Telkom SIM card informing you that the porting request to the MTN is being processed.
  • After 24 hours or when the old SIM card stops working, insert the new MTN SIM card into the phone.
  • You can now activate your SIM card by choosing a New number.
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How to port to MTN from Vodacom in South Africa

See how to port to MTN from Vodacom network:

  • Purchase a new MTN SIM card pack from an MTN retailer or retailer.
  • Make sure the SIM card is registered with the RICA in the store. The procedure is only done if you have your proof of identity and proof of residence.
  • Before inserting the new MTN card, send a message to MTN with your old Vodacom number. The SMS must contain the words; PORTME# followed by the ten digits of your new MTN card number, for example, PORTME#222222222.
  • MTN will send an SMS to your old SIM card to confirm receipt of the SMS.
  • Wait about 24 hours and insert the new MTN SIM card into the phone.
  • Tap the new number to activate the new SIM MTN.

How to port to MTN from other networks is FREE

One thing to know is that you don’t have to pay any fees for porting to MTN as the process is completely free.

The only costs incurred are for the new MTN SIM card that you have to buy. In addition, you may be charged for the SMS sent during the transfer process.

If you have airtime on your previous line, you may need to use it before attempting to transfer to MTN.

When transferring, you will lose airtime and data from your current SIM card when you finally make the transfer.

You can port to MTN from other networks in one day

When a porting request is made to MTN from other networks, it can be processed the same day and your service provider can be changed without delay. However, sometimes it is necessary to wait 24 hours so as not to interrupt the process.

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That said, if you want to go back to your previous service provider or another service provider after transferring to MTN, it’s important to note that you can’t make the request immediately after transferring. You must remain on any network you switch to for a minimum of 60 days before attempting a full port back or transfer to another network.

What do you need your MTN PUK number for?

Your PUK is a personal unlocking key that comes with every SIM card you buy. This code is essential if you want to access your line after accidentally blocking it by entering the wrong PIN code on the phone several times. The number is important for the security of your phone and like your phone number, this code is unique for each line.

The PUK is supplied as an 8 digit code in the starter pack of each SIM pack. When transferring from one network to another, do not use the PUK code from your previous service provider.

You can get this number in the same SIM package you bought for portability to MTN. However, if you have lost your first package, the only other way to retrieve this important number is to call the MTN customer service line at 135.

When making a call to the network, you must answer some security questions correctly before you can retrieve the number. Failure to answer the security questions does not guarantee that you will receive the code, so you may need to visit your nearest MTN store.

How to port to MTN Frequently Asked Questions

How can I confirm that I am eligible to transfer my line?

You can port to MTN if you haven’t recently transferred your line in the last 45 days

What should I do before transferring my number?

  • Step 1: Back up all contacts stored on your current carrier’s SIM card. Contacts without backup may be lost.
  • Step 2: Spend or withdraw money to a mobile money account at the number you want to transfer
  • Step 3: Use your credit as any outstanding credit you have with your current service provider will be lost once the transfer request is completed

What happens when the process starts?

Your request will be sent to your current provider for approval. The transfer will take approximately 15-20 minutes (maximum 48 hours) to complete

Can I take my voicemails, SMS, and service settings with me to my new provider?

Voicemail, SMS, MMS, and support services from your previous service provider will no longer be available and you will need to reconfigure them when the transfer process is complete

Can I access service plans from a previous service provider?

Previous subscription services from network operators are no longer accessible, but you can subscribe to new services and promotions that enrich life on MTN.

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