How to port to MTN Nigeria from Other Networks like 9mobile, Glo, Airtel, or Smile

How to port to MTN Nigeria from other Networks? Mobile number portability is the term used when a user moves from one network operator to another without changing the mobile number. For example a user port to MTN from other networks like Glo without changing the mobile number.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP), launched in 2013, provides easy and smooth portability from one network to another. It is useful for people who have many friends, clients, and business associates who want to contact them through this particular number.

MNP can be done from one network to another, but today we will focus on transferring to MTN from any network. The MNP takes between 15-30 minutes to complete but can take up to 48 hours to be successful.

If you landed on this page from South Africa, you may want to know how to port to MTN in South Africa here.

Before proceeding with how to port to MTN Nigeria from networks like Glo, Airtel, and so on, keep in mind the following.

Things to consider before how to port to MTN Nigeria from any network (Glo, Airtel, and so on)

  • Make sure you use all your data or airtime on the network you are migrating from.
  • Withdraw the money you have on the network
  • Settle all outstanding debts or open transactions
  • Backup all your contacts stored on the network SIM card to your Google account or save them to your phone
  • Make sure you haven’t ported any networks for at least 90 days.
  • After you’ve secured all this, the next step is to gather all the information you need to port to MTN from other networks.
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Information needed for mobile number portability (MNP)

  • The mobile number you want to transfer.
  • Name of the existing network you are using
  • First and last name used in SIM card registration
  • Sex
  • Date of birth used for SIM registration
  • A valid identity card (national identity card, voter card, or driver’s license and its photocopy).

How to port to MTN Nigeria from any network provider (Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, and so on)

  1. Visit the MTN center outlets closest to you if you move to MTN.
  2. Request for the portability of MTN numbers
  3. Present a valid ID card for identification
  4. Complete the MNP form provided to you and send it upon completion
  5. Complete the port validation processes by sending PORT to 3232 via SMS or by visiting the website.
  6. You will receive a new SIM card in the MTN store (you can pay for the new SIM)
  7. You must also register your new sim with your last phone number.
  8. You will receive a text message that the transfer was successful.
  9. Once activated, you can replace the old SIM with the new MTN SIM. You can enjoy the MTN network later!

Notes: Everything on your old SIM card will be lost, including airtime, messages, contact, except your phone number. You are expected to be prepared before starting the process. Portability to MTN from other networks is also free.

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Conclusion – how to port to MTN Nigeria

Hope this article helped show you how to easily port your SIM card to other networks without changing your number in Nigeria? Then don’t hesitate to share with your friends and family how to port to MTN Nigeria from 9mobile, Glo, Airtel, or Smile.

Start enjoying the MTN rate plan and cheap data after completing the above steps. We hope this guide on how to port to MTN Nigeria from any network will be helpful. This post has answered questions like how to port from 9mobile to mtn online, how to port from Etisalat to mtn, how to port from GLO to mtn online, how to port from Airtel to mtn online and how to port from Smile to mtn online.