Welcome to Airtel is a new prepaid plan for new customers only on the Airtel network initially but lot of old Airtel subscribers too are now benefiting immensely from the Airtel *555* recharges which offer up to 500% free data and bonus airtime.

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“Welcome To Airtel” is anew prepaid plan for new Airtel subscribers, the idea is to allow new customers enjoy 5 times the value of every recharge they make starting from N100 upwards.

“Welcome to Airtel” is only made available to new prepaid customers, old customers cannot enjoy this offer, except they go buy a new Airtel sim.
To enjoy this offer, buy, register and activate a new Airtel SIM and subsequently recharge using the USSD code.

The bonus credit and data will expire after the validity period as follows: N100: 1day, N200: 2days, N300: 3days, N500: 7days, N1000: 14days.

After the validity period, both call credit bonus
and the data bonus will be wiped off.
Note: Main Balance never expires.
Calls are charged at 40k/sec from Main Account and Bonus account.

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