Samsung Gear S3 VS Gear S2: A Side by Side Comparison

Samsung has introduced its seventh SmartWatch, the S3 gear and its two variants, Classic and Frontier. The cooler model comes with amazing features and various improvements in last year’s watches. Here we will compare these two exceptional watches, so it is better to have someone to buy and one to ignore to analyze. So start with the side-by-side comparison of Samsung and S3 and S2 Equipment Protection.


First, let’s discuss the variants of these two great smart clocks. Both the S3 and S2 gears are supplied with two different and unique designs. Samsung S3 gear variants are the S3 gear and classic S3 Frontier gear. In general, there is not much difference between the two forms, except their band style and weight and border with integrated LTE. On the contrary, the Samsung Gear S2 alternatives were named and Equipment Protection S2 S2 basic and classic.

Design Comparison:

The Samsung S3 Gear design is sleek, unique and sturdy, but not suitable for women because of its larger size and wrist style. Samsung Gear S3 aspect of the classic version is very similar to the urban LG watch than the S2 Classic.
Generally, S3 comes with a watch style dress compared to S2, which is more like a sports watch due to plastic sports curves. The rubber band has been enhanced with a leather strap and a 22 mm pin on a similar classic S2 metal body.
It is fair to compare the classic S3 S3 with classic, which is a standard leather strap was 20 mm. However, the SmartWatch S2 Classic offers more visual features compared to the S3 Frontier. Frontier version of S3 is sportier as most people.

Size Comparison:

When it comes to size, the Samsung S3 gear is one of the greatest smart watches on the market today. The size of 46 mm is too large for people with small dolls. While the other, S2 device smaller.

Weight Comparison:

With additional sizes Gear Samsung S3 is too cumbersome, almost 30% heavier than its predecessors. Frontier version is 8% to 10% heavier than the Classic. Due to the larger size and weight, S3 is not suitable for smaller dolls. And it does not attract women.

Comparison display:

The screen size of the two variants of Samsung S3 gear is larger than its predecessors. 1.3 inch 360 × 360 S3 pixel AMOLED screen always activates the largest screen size with a pixel density of 278ppi.Although it is useful to read, but also increases the size and total weight, so the Reduction of pixel density unit is totally not good. Such as body weight increased in the current model than previous versions and 30%, the screen size has also increased by 15%. With regard to the hardware display, use the two Samsung Corning Glass gorilla watches. S3 is the SR + compound, which is more resistant to damage.
In general, the S2 device has technically better, but smaller, screen. In comparison, S3 can be the most suitable Always-On screen, which also means to see the color intact instead of grayscale and offers the best customization.

Performance Comparison:

In terms of performance, the S3 gear is much better than its predecessor. With the powerful processor, improved operating system, more RAM, S3 S2 is true in almost every department. It provides 50% more memory and battery compared to its predecessor.

Battery Comparison:

Now let’s go to one of the most important considerations for a device, the battery. Samsung S3 gear is charged with ambient light but powerful 380mAh battery which gives you 24 hours more than the 250mAh S2 battery gear and you stay connected to 4 days. However, it may vary depending on the use of the device.
Comparison Software:
If your Samsung Gear S3 operating experience if you know it was the same on S2 SmartWatch as the race, except that now you can turn the ring to pick up the call or end, and there are some visual changes Of the minors. According to the manufacturer, both devices are compatible with Android and iOS.

Price comparison:

The price is one of the most important aspects when it comes to purchasing these stylish powerful and beautiful watches, and it would be your main concern. Now the basic model will cost 299 USD S2 gear and S2 classic is 349 dollars. On the other hand, the S3 train opening price is 499 USD. Thanks to a prestigious price comparison engine; You can get your favorite SmartWatch at a lower cost while reducing taxes and surcharges. These types of price control sources the best deals from major retailers from a certain location.

Comparison Other features:

Resistance to water

Both intelligent watches are absolutely waterproof and provide excellent protection against splashing, rain and water drops with IP68 dust and waterproof note. Means IP68 water resistance that you put underwater up to one meter deep and a maximum of 30 minutes. It is much better than Apple clock which can not be worn in the rain or swimming.

Wireless charging

Both Samsung SmartWatch models support wireless charging.
loud speaker
Unlike S2 gear, speaker and microphone are preinstalled in the S3, you can call for free.
GPS and connectivity
GPS is active only in 3G variants of the Samsung S2 Gear. In contrast, all built S3 GPS models. In addition, the Frontier version of S3 integrated 3G / LTE connectivity, so you can receive calls, as well as control other activities to do and without even the phone.
Samsung Pay
Samsung Pay added Gear Series since 2016. But the 2015 models were NFC only, and so retailers need to receive an additional payment from the NFC scanner. The 2016 models have both NFC and MST technology so you can shop anywhere. While shopping online to do, try to compare prices to get the best deals.

Last words:

With a larger screen, more RAM and larger battery, the Samsung had S3 S2 transmission gear having a tough time, but that does not mean S2 replacement gear S3. Both models have their own ups and downs. And that’s why you come to one of these two pluckings is not an easy decision. Although S3 is equipped with wonderful new features, but it is also taking up little space and due to the larger size not suitable for small wrists. At first glance, it seems that the S3 is designed only for men. On the other side, S2 has a perfect size and contains all the important features of a well-equipped SmartWatch. But it does LTE. It is, therefore, worthwhile to spend some time, features and prices of both clocks and choose to compare it to your taste.


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