Top 15 Free Music Streaming Online Sites

Music is life. It inspires, pupils, and mood changes, and has the power to bring out the best in us. Without music, the world would not make much sense. There are many ways to access and listen to music, especially in the modern world.

Top 15 Free Music Streaming Online Sites

The advancement of technology has made it very easy for us to access music on the go, online, through various media such as smartphones, tablets, and mobile phones. If you want to enjoy unlimited access to great music that will not cost you money, here are the top 15 sites.


With over 20 million music options, there is hardly a site that can beat Spotify when it comes to offering quality music for the free masses. Users can open the site and listen to a song on your desktop, laptop, tablet and Apple devices.

IHeart Radio

This site is on one of the best online music site that has no subscription options pays everything. With over 18 million songs, 4,500 artists and 1500 live radio, this site offer the best options for all types of music lovers.

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The sixty-one

If you are one of those who believe there are great songs that are unpopular, you like this free streaming music site. They choose great songs that are not heard and put them in the spotlight.


This sharing of free streaming music sites and offers something unique that benefits both the artist and the users. Artists can post their songs, while users can listen to songs, add comments and support songs.


This site offers music lovers the opportunity to search thousands of songs in different genres and categories, play music or play a music collection. It is a great place to find good music.

Last FM

There are very few online sites that can offer users the opportunity to find good music, talented artists, and exceptional groups that Users can also use the site’s radio option to find cool songs.


This site is like an online radio station where you can find different types of music but with a small difference. When signing up, users are made to provide details of their favorite kind of music, and Pandora automatically directs them to songs that relate to their interests.

Itunes Radio

Apple’s first online music streaming channel needs no introduction. Users have access to over 25 million songs; They can play on your Mac and other iOS devices. The site updates every day with a lot of new songs.

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Enter the world of unlimited music with music from the SoundCloud collection provided by the most creative talents on the planet. The uniqueness of the site is attributed to its unique characteristics, compatibility, and the ability to share on social media.


The RDIO model offers music lovers something more unique than other sites. Users can listen to their favorite music or album, create a playlist, and listen to music on different platforms such as Android, Windows, and iOS.

Slacker Radio

Listen to all your favorite songs without downloading on the Slacker Radio platform. Users have access to over 10 million songs that can be played at any time and one day.

Listen to music, find talented bands, get music information, all in the free streaming music site It is loaded with exciting features that allow you to choose songs based on categories such as years of releases and genre.


There are very few free streaming music sites online that can overcome the Grooveshark. Users have the opportunity to explore interesting features like unlimited streaming, social integration, folders, and music selection options.

Disco YouTube

Although little known, this site offers users the ability to search songs and playlists. You can also find your favorite artists, and use them online without the need to download them.

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Game Amazon Cloud

With this free online streaming platform, music lovers can load the playlists you already have and listen to them at any time. Also, when you buy a song on Amazon, cloud play automatically adds to your playlist.

Music can easily make you forget everything that happens around you. Here are some top free streaming music sites that will help you have a wonderful time. If you are looking for a streaming recorder online, then you can check this site – Streaming Audio Recorder. If you have any questions, you can always contact me.

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