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How To Change My UBA Phone Number Online?

How To Change My UBA Phone Number Online?

How to change my UBA phone number online? Wait, is there even a way to change the UBA phone number online? Sorry to break your heart, there is no how to change UBA alert number online for now, but we will be showing you how to change UBA alert number from UBA bank branches in Nigeria.

How to change my UBA phone number online is one of the questions I often come across from people who have lost or stopped using their mobile phone number associated with their UBA bank account in Nigeria.

Your UBA Alert Number is usually the mobile number associated with your account and all notifications of transaction activity on your account will be forwarded to this number.

Therefore, you should make sure that the number is always active and close to you.

This is because your bank’s transaction reports are highly confidential and you cannot get them to the wrong person.

However, sometimes you can lose or get your phone stolen even if you don’t use it anymore.

When this happens, changing your alert number to the current number is the right choice.

But someone may ask how to change your mobile number registered in your UBA account?

Can I change my UBA alert number?

Yes, UBA Bank Nigeria allows customers to change their alert number at any time.

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You can do this if you no longer use the phone number in your account or your phone is stolen.

Things you need to change your notification number in Nigeria

Before you can change your UBA alert number, you need the following:

  1. New mobile number to use for alerts.
  2. UBA account number
  3. Full name on your bank account
  4. The old notification number you want to change.

How To Change My UBA Phone Number Online?

  • To change your UBA Alert Number in Nigeria, go to your nearest UBA branch and request an account update.
  • Fill in the UBA bank account update form and enter the new number you want to use as an alert number.
  • Your UBA account will be updated with the new mobile number and UBA notifications will now be forwarded to him.

Does Uba charge for changing my phone number?

No, UBA Bank Nigeria does not charge customers for changing account information, which means updating your bank account information is free.

How long does it take to change my Uba notification number?

Once you complete and submit the UBA account update form, your alert number will change immediately.

It can also sometimes take up to 24 hours for the new number to be activated on the account.

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We are sorry to tell you that, there is no how to change my UBA phone number online, but the guide above is how to change UBA alert number by visiting the nearest UBA bank to you. Yes, you have to visit UBA bank and fill account update form before you can change your alert number.

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