MIUI 13 Release Date, Features, And Eligible Devices

MIUI 13 Release Date, Features, And Eligible Devices

If you own a Xiaomi phone, chances are you’re using MIUI – it’s the company’s Android overlay that changes the look of the software and adds some new features. MIUI 13 is the next version and it is rumored to be available soon.

Currently, the company’s latest phones, such as the Xiaomi Mi 11 and Mi 11 Ultra, use MIUI 12; New features introduced in May 2020 include an app drawer, improved dark mode, and ultra battery saver mode. So this was a pretty big improvement.

We hope MIUI 13 will bring even more changes that make Xiaomi phones even better. We don’t have an official word on when it will come or what it will bring, but there are some leaks, so we have a growing picture.

It’s probably based on Android 11, so the feature of the Android update is likely to be used here as well.

This article will be updated when something is officially confirmed. But until then, here’s what you need to know.

MIUI 13 Release Date

MIUI 13 is expected to be unveiled in May or June. MIUI 12 was first demoed in May 2020, and many brands are following annual release schedules for their software updates, but insiders are suggesting otherwise.

According to GizChina, MIUI 13 will be launched on June 25, although the website indicates it will only launch in China, which will be followed by a global launch later.

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As with all software updates, MIUI 13 will likely be available on newer flagships first and will likely carry over to older or lower-end devices over time. However, according to a leaked compatibility list, many Xiaomi phones can receive the update.

MIUI 13 Compatibility List

According to NotebookCheck, a major leak has spawned a list of Xiaomi phones that will receive MIUI 13.

The list is very long and includes many phones that have had limited releases or are not for sale in the West, as well as different phone variants. The most important devices you should know are listed below.

In particular, the Xiaomi Mi 9, Mi Mix 3 5G, and Redmi Note 8T, as well as some other members of the Mi 9 family, are missing from the list.

MIUI 13 Features

There aren’t too many feature leaks from MIUI 13. Below are some of the known features:

Memory Expansion

One possible feature is a memory expansion, as reported by GizChina. This allows the phone to use temporary memory to expand the memory. Such a feature is great for low-memory phones, giving them more versatility for intensive processes like gaming or video playback.

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One change that was not expected, but has been rumored, is new live wallpapers and themes. With MIUI 12, the company introduced its well-received Mars theme, allowing you to use moving images of the red planet as a background (see the header of this article for an example).

People are expecting some design changes with MIUI 13, so a new astronomical body could potentially be an option, or possibly a completely different design.

User Interface Improvements

Xiaomi will improve the overall user experience when using MIUI 13. The latest update brings several changes that draw users’ attention when using a smartphone. The Xiaomi company is working hard to add more realistic gestures to the user interface in the coming updates.

New Animations

The recently released MIUI 12 update includes significant changes to mobile screen animation effects. The upcoming MIUI 13 update may offer another level of expanded animation effects. In addition, Xiaomi collects all data from users to make improvements in upcoming MIUI updates.

Improved and with more features Always-on display

The MIUI 13 updates for some AOD supported devices have the latest always-on display features. Now users can view the time, date, and notifications without opening the smartphone lock or turning on the screen. The AOD (Always on Display) has a display feature to display the time and date without actually turning the screen on. Likewise, MIUI 12 has these features too, but we can expect changes in the upcoming MIUI 13 update

Scheduling option for airplane mode

Now in MUI 13, users can set the option to turn Airplane Mode on or off as needed. This is one of the latest features expected in the MIUI 13 update. Some more scheduling options that Xiaomi will add in MIUI updates.

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Improved social media app notification panel for faster responses and improved user experience

The MIUI 13 has an improved notification panel that extends the featureality for instant message replies, notification management, and better notification effects. The MIUI 12 update also includes the latest features in the notification shade. However, in the MIUI 13 update, the company is collecting user feedback to create a better notification panel for Xiaomi smartphones.

Fast charging improvements and improved battery performance

Optimizing the battery is the most important part of any smartphone update. And Xiaomi always tries to use the best battery optimization techniques to improve the battery performance of the smartphone. Likewise, in the MIUI 13 update, Xiaomi will add additional methods to improve the battery life of the Xiaomi smartphone.

New Gestures And Additional Features

The MIUI 13 update offers a richer user experience with new gestures that improve the overall user experience and have several new features. The latest MUI 13 update gives smartphones more power to handle daily tasks and notifications with new app compatibility.

The richer, improved user interface also changes the graphics of the smartphone for more fantastic and beautiful graphical user interfaces. Likewise, in the MIUI 12 update, Xiaomi has incorporated some very improved beautiful gestures and graphics into mobile features. The super live wallpaper changes the overall user experience and looks more elegant and with 3D visual effects when using the smartphone.

These are all the major MIUI 13 features you can expect in another update. Besides some new features can also be added in upcoming updates. Now we have to wait a while to get the MIUI 13 update.

That said, we’ve never heard of possible MIUI 13 features, but stay tuned and if more is leaked (or confirmed) we’ll update this article.

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