legal ways to track a cell phone

legal ways to track a cell phone
Tracking a mobile phone by phone number is a fairly common request. In fact, there are countless variable utility services (and even legality) that claim to be able to allow you to do so, often with some sort of application or quick changes in the configuration of a phone.

Of course, with today’s technology-driven society, you have real and reliable options for discovering where a specific phone really is, after all, if the government can do it, right? However, there are important legal (and ethical) limits on what you can and can not do when it comes to tracking phones.
In general, it is illegal to access someone’s computer (this includes smartphones) without permission.
For this reason, private investigators (and almost everyone else who has a court order) cannot legally gain access to someone’s cell phone to install a type of tracking device or application, unless, of course, they own the phone.

To track or trace a mobile phone by phone number or any other method, you must have the phone or have permission to access and follow it. With permission, you can use the tracking service of a major operator, change phone settings to allow GPS tracking or install a special app for iOS or Android. If you do not have the phone or do not have permission to follow it, you should hire a professional private investigator to follow the person.

Assuming you own the phone or have permission to follow it, here’s how:

Main telephone operators

The four major US UU phone operators have options to search and track phones that are connected to an account. If your spouse, partner or children are under your account, you can use these apps to track your location, as long as you have permission.

AT & T FamilyMap. In addition to tracking the location of the phone, you can view the location history. You can also receive a notification if the phone leaves a dedicated zone.
Sprint Family Locator. Instead of a single application. Sprint offers a set of applications called Guardian. Included in this pack is the Sprint family locator that lets you locate family members and receive updates from your location automatically during the day.
Verizon Family Locator. Similar to the applications of the other provider. Verizon Family Locator allows you to locate family members and receive automatic updates. You can also create “access points” to receive notifications when family members arrive and leave.
T-Mobile FamilyWhere. At this point, you can only download this app on an Android device. If you use other devices, you must administer the app through your T-Mobile account. The T-Mobile FamilyWhere app allows you to receive real-time updates of your family’s locations and schedule automatic updates to your location.

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Specific options for Android and iPhone
Both operating systems have built-in ways to locate your devices from a desktop or other smartphone. Here’s how to use them:
On Android, Open your configuration Select the security option. You will see “locate this device remotely”. Make sure this option is enabled and that the GPS will work on the back of the phone. To locate the device, go to Android Device Manager. You must sign in to the Google Account to which the device is connected. Once connected, Google will tell you the location of the phone.
iPhone Open your configuration Then select iCloud. Make sure the Find my iPhone option is turned on. Once it is on. You can open the Find My iPhone app on another device and enter the Apple ID connected to the phone. The phone’s location will appear immediately.

Application tracking

Apple App Store and Google Play Store have tons of apps that let you follow someone’s phone. Remember that you must have written permission to install them if you do not have the phone. If you collect this information on a phone that is not your property, you probably will not be able to use the information collected in any legal environment. These are some of the best options we could find:
Connect This app gathers all the information from social networks and publications from your friends and places them in one place. This includes your locations so you can see where your business is going.

Find My Friends This app allows you to easily track the locations of your friends and family by invitation. Once they have accepted your invitation, they will be added to your network and will be able to obtain your position at any time.

Phone Tracker Using this application will activate the phone’s GPS that you follow for your location in real time. The difference between this application and most is that it will create a 24-hour card of phone movements. This makes it ideal for tracking family members, but also employees.
MSPY. This is the most powerful phone monitoring tool I have seen. It lets you track the location of a phone, record sent and received messages, view call records, and more.

Fortunately, this publication has helped explain the different options you have to follow a phone that you own, or have permission to follow. There are many services that make all kinds of promises, but all are limited by the same laws. Following someone’s phone when changing settings, installing an app or using operator services is usually illegal unless you are the owner of the phone in question, or if you have permission from the owner for the phone. access and follow him.

If you have to follow someone and you do not have your phone, there is a legal alternative. By hiring a licensed private investigator, you can have someone follow you or take a deep dive into your social media pages. Depending on the circumstances, you can often use evidence that your investigator finds in court. If you would like to know more about what a private investigator can and can not do by the following someone, take a look at one of our previous publications on the cost of a private investigator tracking someone one here.

A private investigator can always monitor for solid evidence of where someone is going and what they are doing.


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