Android 11 Features That Would Be Great For E-Readers

Android 11 Features That Would Be Great For E-Readers

Do you love reading an e-book? If so, you will love the new Android 11 features update. Android 11 is here, offering a host of new features. Unsurprisingly, many of these are best suited for smartphones or tablets. However, some features can also be very useful for e-reader users.

Integrated screen recording

This used to be accomplished through third-party apps, now it’s built into Android 11 itself. However, the functionality remains the same and you have the option to record your screen tips as well. Android 11 has the basic screen recording capabilities, but it should get the job done nonetheless.

Air bubbles – Android 11 Features For E-Readers

Bubbles are app functions that allow them to appear on the screen and over anything else the screen can then display. In other words, the bubbles take precedence over other apps and can be minimized at the touch of a button to shrink them to an icon.

Dark theme

The dark theme is now more advanced on Android 11 as you set the schedule based on the sunset and the rising times of the sun. Otherwise, you can adjust your own schedule to suit your needs.

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Android 11 updates through the Play Store

Google chose to release the latest updates through the Play Store to reduce reliance on the operators or OEMs. This allows for faster access to updates, even if the network operator or device manufacturer does not want to distribute the updates.

Android 11 features on new e-readers

Plenty of new e-book readers are expected to hit the market in 2021, and it’s reasonable to expect these to come pre-installed with Android 11. Take Onyx Boox, for example, where it’s important to pre-order your e-readers. load with the latest version of Android. The company is expected to launch new e-readers such as Max Lumi 2, Note4, Nova4, or Note Air 2. It will be a real surprise if one of these is missing from Android 11.

Amazon is also speculating to release a new tablet device: the Fire 10 HD. The Fire devices now use the Fire operating system adopted by Amazon on the Android platform, but tailored to the retailer’s needs and ecosystem. Unfortunately, the latest Fire OS version 7 is based on Android 9, without matching Android 10. As the new tablet will be available soon, it will be interesting to see if Amazon improves its game and releases a Fire OS version. based on Android 11.

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The Boyue Likebook P10 is another e-reader launched earlier this year, but it runs on Android 8.1. The company may want to offer the upgrade to Android 11. Tolino is also expected to develop new Android 11-based e-readers or offer upgrades to its existing range.

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