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Etisalat in the United Arab Emirates is the first largest telecommunications network in the United Arab Emirates. They offer a wide range of services for Internet packages, calling and texting, etc. However, they give you complete freedom to pay bills for your postpaid payments and top up your payments online without logging in.

That is, you don’t need to log into or create an account to use their fast checkout and top-up service. I know you don’t know how to use Etisalat quick pay, that’s why you’re here. Don’t worry, I’ll show you the procedure below …

Etisalat Quick Pay And Online Recharge

You can easily recharge your Etisalat line or use their fast payment service to pay online afterward on the go. However, there is more to it: while using it you can get up to 10% bonus credit with a validity of 3 days with each top-up.

How to Use Etisalat Quick Pay and Online Recharge

To use the quick payment or top up the Etisalat number online, do the following:

  1. Go to Etisalat Quick Checkout and reload the online portal.
  2. Now enter your Etisalat, landline, or Internet number.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Select a payment method, such as Visa, credit or debit card, and so on.
  5. Enter your card details and you are good to go.

Once the card details you entered are correct, you will receive a confirmation SMS after a successful top-up or quick payment. If you use the charging service, please check your balance. Checking your balance is essential after charging as you know whether you have the exact amount on your line or not.

Etisalat Business Quick Payment

Use Etisalat quick pay to pay your Etisalat Business Invoice without login details or hassle, you can select up to 10 accounts by clicking the Add account option with a plus sign. You can also click MORE OPTIONS to select, pay my bill, pay by statement account, pay by bulk file upload, or check the status of payments.

How To Etisalat Business Quick Pay Without Login

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Etisalat quick pay online portal.
  2. Enter your account number.
  3. Enter the amount to pay.
  4. Click the Continue button and select the payment method.
  5. Enter your card details and you are good to go.

This is exactly how you use Etisalat, fast checkout, online recharge, or use Etisalat fast checkout for businesses. If you have any problems with this, please contact Etisalat customer service toll-free on 00 971 800 2300.

How to Pay Post-Pay Bills Online Without Logging In

Du is the brand of the Emirates Integrated Telecom company. It is one of the two largest telecommunications companies in the United Arab Emirates. The other great player is Etisalat. Du provides fixed telephony, IPTV, mobile, and broadband services to individuals and businesses in the United Arab Emirates.

Mobile prepaid and postpaid services are most commonly used in the UAE. You can use Du’s express payment service to pay post-paid bills. If you want to pay someone else’s postpaid bill, such as a friend or family member, you can use Du’s express payment service. All you need to know is the Du mobile number you’re paying for.

DU Quick Pay – Pay online invoice without logging in

The fast payment service that Du offers through its official website is the easiest way to settle your invoice afterwards. You only need the postpaid mobile number to make the payment.

1) Follow the link below to visit the quick checkout page on Du’s website.

Go to Du Quick Pay

2) On the quick checkout page, enter your Du postpaid mobile number or your Du account number (you can find the account number on the postpaid invoice). Then click Next to continue.

You can see the amount due on the next page. If you want to change the amount you want to pay, you can do so here. You can pay in advance if you wish. You can pay any amount between 1 and 3000 AED with Du Quick Pay.

The next step is to enter your card details. You can use any Visa or Master card issued by GCC to pay Du’s post-paid invoice. Write down your card details, such as card number, name, card expiration date, and CVV.

3) After entering your card details, tick the I agree to the payment terms box and click Pay Now to proceed with the payment.

It will redirect you to another page. It is the last page where you can complete the payment of your invoice.

Other Ways To Pay Your Post-Paid Bills Du

In addition to the fast payment service, there are several other ways to pay your Du postpaid invoices. If you are not comfortable paying money online, you can pay your bill in cash.

Du mobile app

There is a mobile application to manage your postpaid and prepaid accounts. The application is available for both Android phones and iPhones. After installing the Du app on your mobile device, you can easily manage your account and pay your post-paid bills.

Du Stores

If you are not comfortable with paying online, you can pay in cash or by picking up your card at one of Du’s physical stores. You can find a Du store near you via this page on the Du website.

Associated banks

You can pay your invoice through one of Du’s partner banks. You can also pay via ATMs or online banking. The banks that are Du’s payment partners are:

  • Emirates NBD
  • Mashreq
  • Islamic Emirates
  • Islamic Bank of Dubai
  • Al Hilal Bank
  • RAK bank
  • Citibank
  • FAB
  • ADCB
  • Dubai Commercial Bank

Partner Exchange Houses

You can also make the payment through one of the following affiliated exchange offices.

  • Al Ghuriar Exchange
  • Al Fardan Exchange
  • Exchange LM
  • A mobile phone
  • Al Ansari Exchange
  • Axiom
  • Redha Al Ansari Exchange

Phone Payment

It is also possible to pay your bill by telephone with your credit card. To do this, dial 155 on the phone and select option 1. You must provide your card details by phone. After the process is completed, the money will be taken from your credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions – Etisalat Quick Pay

Is there a security issue to pay my Etisalat invoice online?

You don’t need to worry about security as long as you use Etisalat’s official website. The website is secure and the traffic to and from the website is encrypted.

How can I check my Etisalat postpaid balance?

You can view your postpaid balance by dialing * 121 * 1 # on your mobile phone.

What payment methods does Etisalat accept online?

Etisalat accepts Visa and Master cards for online bill payment.