How to Screenshot Mac Half Screen

How to screenshot Mac half Screen

Maybe you want to take a screenshot with a Mac and need half of the screen. You could do that as nicely and easily.

Open and arrange tabs. Open the apps, home windows, or tabs which you want to get for your screenshot set up them the way you would love to see them within the photo.

How to screenshot Mac half Screen

  • Press Command + Shift + four. Press the command, shift, and four keys at the exact equal time, just as you probably did while taking a screenshot for the whole window.
  • Pick out the region you want. Your cursor will now be a crosshair. Role your cursor at one of the pinnacle corners wherein you would really like to begin your screenshot. Now, drag it down to the other corner and ensure to select the whole thing that you need to keep inside the screenshot.
  • Custom pixel size. The crosshairs will display you a pixel count as you choose the particular place to screenshot on the Mac. That is a clearly nice feature in case you need to have a selected length for your photo.
  • Allow go. once you have the whole place you want inside the photo covered, let move your cursor. The camera click sound will go off, and with a purpose to imply, your screenshot is now stored as a .PNG file on your computing device.
  • Share and save. just like before, you could now share this image however you would like with the
  • Preview button. All you have to do is proper-click on and select Open With. You could also drag it and store it in different areas of your computer.


That is the short tutorial on How to screenshot Mac half Screen. Don’t forget to stay tuned for more tech gist.


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