112 000 Ft Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyers

112,000 Ft Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer: According to Statistic Brain, the online platform and community focused on statistics and analytics, an average of 112,000 motorists receive speeding tickets per day, representing $6.232 billion in speeding fines paid. The alleged offenders challenge only five percent of speeding fines in court.

Many people assume that paying a speeding fine is the only way to solve the problem, but people have the right to challenge the validity of a fine.

Depending on the circumstances, a suspected offender’s speeding officer may have been justified due to an emergency or may have doubts about the accuracy of the officer’s measured speed.

112,000 Ft Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer

Here are the best 112,000 Ft Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer you can hire for your 112,000 Ft Lauderdale Car Accident claim:

1. Goldman Daszkal, PA

If you are injured in a car accident or due to someone’s negligence or illegal acts, your life can get messed up. In addition to being unable to work or care for yourself, medical bills can pile up on your regular bills. You may even need ongoing medical care and rehabilitation to get back to everyday life. The personal injury lawyers of Goldman & Daszkal, P.A. can help you get compensation from those responsible for your injuries and get your life back on track.

2. Parvey & Cavenago Attorneys PA

Car accidents devastate and disrupt people’s lives every day. If you were injured in an accident, follow these steps to ensure you are adequately protected and get the most compensation for your injuries.

Don’t discuss what happened or how you feel until you’ve talked to a car accident attorney. Once you have received legal guidance from a professional attorney at Parvey & Cavenago, you will fully understand the value of taking this crucial step.

While you may receive this information retrospectively, regardless of whether you have followed the steps above, rest assured that our attorneys are trained to overcome the hurdles to getting your compensation, it is still worth talking to a lawyer at Parvey & Cavenago as they have been providing excellent results in car accident cases for over 30 years.

Typical car accident injuries such as whiplash, spinal cord damage, nerve damage, broken bones, head injuries, and internal injuries can have devastating lifelong consequences. Let Parvey & Cavenago’s lawyers assist you in recovering damages incurred in a car accident.

3. Hollander Law Firm personal injury lawyers

Were you or a family member recently injured in a car accident in Fort Lauderdale, FL? You may be entitled to a substantial monetary reward. Hollander Law Firm Accident Injury Lawyers’ Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorneys can help you fight to maximize your recovery. Call them today at 954-287-0566 for a free consultation.

Since 1996, his law firm has been a trusted name for accident victims in Fort Lauderdale. By combining the personal approach and attention of a small company with the resources of a large company, we have made a significant difference in the lives of our customers. They have successfully recovered millions of dollars in settlements and judgments for you. They are also ready to help you claim the money you deserve.

Call the 112,000 Ft Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer. They listen to your side of the story, assess your legal options, and answer all your questions.

4. Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey, and Fronrath

More than 5,000 accidents happen in Fort Lauderdale every year. The city has been ranked as the 14th most dangerous city for pedestrians in Florida by Smart Growth America.

These numbers show how dangerous it is to live and drive in Fort Lauderdale. However, cars are a reality in modern life. We cannot work without them. That is why it is essential to know what to do if you have a car accident in the city.

Call Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath today for an experienced car accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale. They will put your well-being first.

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Safety has always been a priority at Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath. To ensure full access to your office without leaving your home, you can call, chat online, Facetime, or use video conferencing like ZOOM to communicate with a lawyer. They aim to ensure you have access to justice in times of need while protecting the public and staff from unnecessary exposure.

5. Bernheim Kelley Battista & Bliss, LLC

If you were injured in a car accident in Fort Lauderdale, the Bernheim Kelley Battista & Bliss, LLC attorneys stand by to represent your interests. They offer a free consultation and operate on a contingency fee basis, so you don’t owe them anything until they receive financial compensation on your behalf.

They will review your case and discuss your legal options when meeting with you. Call your law firm and get the answers you need. Let them show you how their injury team can help you after your car accident. They are suitable for conference calls, video conferences, or hospital visits in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Feel free to contact them today. You owe it to yourself and your family to do everything you can to get the financial resources you need to recover effectively.

Common Types Of Car Accidents

Some car accidents are more severe than others and can cause more devastating injuries. The following types of car accidents are usually caused by another driver’s reckless, careless or negligent actions. If you were injured in an accident caused by someone else, you have the right to claim compensation from your insurance company.

Read on to learn about the most common types of car accidents, then contact a 112,000 Ft Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer.

Rear-End Collisions

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), rear-end collisions are responsible for 29% of all car accidents, making them the most common type.

A rear-end collision occurs when the front of one car collides with another vehicle’s rear bumper. These accidents vary from minor scratches to severe accidents in which a car is a total loss, and the occupants are seriously injured.

T-bone accident

Whether you bumped into someone’s car or they bumped into yours, there can be a fault in any situation. A driver who runs a red light or fails to give way could inadvertently cause a severe accident. Contact a Florida t-bone accident attorney to ensure your rights are protected.

Sides Collisions

Side impacts often occur when the driver of one vehicle fails to check their blind spot and merges into the side of another car. Although side impacts are less common than rear-end collisions, they are significantly more deadly.

In 2019, 5,187 people died in side-impact collisions, compared to 1,287 people in rear-end collisions.

Frontal Collisions

Frontal collisions are more deadly than side, rear, and other crashes combined. These accidents often happen at high speeds, making it difficult for seat belts and airbags to absorb the impact properly.

In 2019, 12,785 people died as a result of a head-on crash. These accidents often involve wrong-way drivers and people under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Multi-vehicle collisions

A multi-vehicle collision is a collision involving three or more cars. They usually occur on busy highways and highways, significantly when cars are speeding but are suddenly stopped by accident ahead.

Multi-vehicle accidents can be complicated to avoid and can result in serious injury. Many of these collisions are caused by distracted drivers, so if you are driving and notice someone next to you is texting or behaving in a way other than paying attention to the road, you should avoid them and, if possible, go to go into another lane.

Major Causes of Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

The most common causes of these collisions include:

Distracted Driving

Accidents are much more likely to occur if drivers don’t have their hands on the wheel, eyes on the road, and minds focused on the task.

Unfortunately, although many distracted driving practices are prohibited, it is common in Florida. Distracted driving accidents have increased in recent years.

Drive drunk

Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is incredibly dangerous. Drunk driving is not uncommon in a city like Fort Lauderdale, where there is no shortage of places to enjoy a few drinks. Unfortunately, many of these drunk drivers cause accidents on the highways. The result, in many cases, is catastrophic.

Fatigued Driving

Studies show that driving while tired is perhaps as dangerous, if not more so, than driving while intoxicated. Drivers on the road for hours or longer after dark tend to cause accidents.


Speed ​​is a factor in about one in four fatal car accidents nationwide. In Florida, there are thousands of speed-related crashes each year.

When a driver exceeds the speed limit, he is robbing himself of the time and distance needed to react and stop when traffic conditions change—the result: devastating accidents that can significantly impact the lives of those involved forever.

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Aggressive Intersection Maneuvers

Like all cities in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale has some bustling thoroughfares. Given the high volume of traffic and the number of vehicles and pedestrians on the road, intersections are complicated to navigate. Special care is needed to move through these crossings safely. Unfortunately, many drivers take risks, including speeding to “win” the light or executing dangerous turns without checking to see if the coast is clear.

Road Conditions

Some accidents happen because the roads are dangerous or in poor condition. Sharp turns, poorly designed intersections, and potholes all contribute to accidents each year.

Faulty Equipment

Accidents happen, even though all drivers exercise a reasonable degree of caution. In many cases, faulty vehicles or safety equipment, such as defective airbags or faulty brakes, play a role.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Vehicle damage is evident after a car accident, but physical injuries don’t always manifest so quickly. You may not even know you were injured until days or weeks after the accident (these are known as “latent injuries”), especially if you sustained an injury to your head or specific internal organs.

However, some injuries will be immediately apparent. Regardless of your type (visible or latent), you should contact a 112,000 Ft Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer. Read on to learn about some of the most common car accident injuries, then get the 112,000 Ft Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer’s office to schedule your case consultation.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Bruises (bruises) and bruises

A bruise or hematoma occurs when blood vessels under the skin rupture, causing dark red or purple spots that feel swollen or tender. Concussions can occur anywhere on the body, and it’s not uncommon for car accident victims to have bruises on their muscles, internal organs, bones, and brain.

A bruise becomes a hematoma when the body secretes excess blood by forming a lump under the skin. Depending on the location (brain hematomas are severe), a hematoma can cause death.


One of the most common injuries in car accidents, whiplash is considered a soft tissue injury because it affects the muscles and ligaments in the neck.

Whiplash occurs due to the neck’s rapid, forceful forward and backward movement and is most often seen in rear-end accidents. That quick movement causes the neck’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments to bend, stretch, or tear beyond their normal range. These injuries can be excruciating and usually include a stiff neck, loss of range of motion in the neck, and tenderness or pain in the shoulder, arms, or upper back.

Neck And Back Pain

The rapid, forceful movement your body experiences in a car accident can cause other neck injuries in addition to whiplash. You can be injured anywhere along the spine, including the cervical spine in the neck, the thoracic spine in the mid-back, and the lumbar spine in the lower back.

Common back injuries related to car accidents include lumbar sprains, spinal stenosis (a progressive disease that puts pressure on the vertebrae and pinches the nerves in the spinal cord), and herniated discs, which occur when a large amount of force compresses or discs move out of alignment.

These conditions can cause various symptoms, including the inability to move fingers and toes, tingling, burning or numbness anywhere in the body, immediate headaches, and inability to walk or stand. Please note that this is not a complete list of symptoms; If you’ve been in a car accident, talk to your doctor to ensure you’re healthy.

Head and Brain Injuries

These are perhaps the most severe injuries you can sustain in a car accident. The brain is a highly delicate organ, and the enormous force generated in a car accident can cause devastating damage for a lifetime. Fortunately, some head injuries are minor and can be treated successfully. However, others are life-threatening and can even cause death.


Some of the most common head and brain injuries associated with car accidents are concussions, also known as mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Trauma can occur when your head hits an object or part of your vehicles, such as the dashboard or steering wheel. You may feel pain or confusion immediately, but a concussion can cause underlying symptoms that appear days or weeks after the event.

Other concussion symptoms include dizziness, memory loss, headache, ringing in the ears, nausea, vomiting, and blurred vision.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Concussions (mTBI) are grouped separately from traumatic brain injuries (TBI) because TBIs tend to be more severe. These injuries can cause bruising, bleeding, and other forms of brain damage, all of which can be fatal.

TBIs have various symptoms and complications, including memory or concentration problems, mood swings, depression or anxiety, sensory problems, headache, fatigue or drowsiness, speech problems, and dizziness or loss of consciousness.

If you think you may have suffered a head injury in your car accident, see a doctor as soon as possible. These injuries can have severe consequences if not treated immediately.

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Internal Wounds

Internal bleeding

Internal injuries are not always easy to detect and diagnose, unlike other car accidents. Trauma from a car accident can cause devastating damage to the abdomen and specific organs, such as the liver and spleen, allowing blood to leak into body cavities.

Unfortunately, some of these cases initially go unnoticed, leading to more severe damage.

Symptoms of internal bleeding include bruising around the navel, pain in the abdomen and chest, shortness of breath, nausea, and vomiting.

Because of the risk of internal injury, it’s always a good idea to see a doctor after a car accident, even if you don’t feel hurt or hurt.

Broken Bones

The impact of a car accident can cause your body to hit parts of the vehicle, exerting a force on your skeleton that you cannot resist. Your arm may be caught between your body and the car door, causing a fracture. Or maybe your seat belt is holding you so tight that some of your ribs break.

Broken bones are joint in car accidents and are usually not serious, although infections can occur. The disease is dangerous in broken bones because of the risk of sepsis, which is when the infection spreads to the bloodstream.

What is the liability for car accidents in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

Florida state law states that all contributing parties share responsibility for an accident. Therefore, you could have a legitimate claim for damages against:

  • Negligent driver or passenger,
  • Truck driver,
  • trucking Company,
  • Mass transportation company (private or state),
  • Cyclist,
  • Pedestrian,
  • Motorcyclist,
  • product manufacturer,
  • employer of the negligent party,
  • Government agency.

112,000 Ft Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer will thoroughly investigate the circumstances leading up to and surrounding your car accident. Your experienced attorneys will work diligently to gather evidence that will help us understand why the accident happened and, in turn, who is at fault. With this information, they can begin pursuing monetary damages from all those responsible.

What should I do after a car accident in Fort Lauderdale?

What should I do after a car accident in Fort Lauderdale, FL? We want you to know that we understand that a car accident is stressful. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in the hours and days that follow. Staying on the scene, seeking medical attention, and calling the police and your lawyer are critical after a car accident.

What you do after the accident can and will affect any future legal claims you decide to make.

Remember to keep these things in mind:

Stay on the scene.

Leaving the scene of an accident can be considered a hit-and-run. Stand still, make sure everyone is okay and wait for the police to arrive. Move to the side of the road if possible.

Contact the police.

You want to be sure that your accident is registered. So call 911 or your local police. An officer and other first responders will be dispatched to the scene to assess the situation and prepare an accident report. That report can be precious if you decide to file an insurance claim or lawsuit in the future.

Call your insurance company.

Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible. Many policies require specific information that you must collect. Your insurance may also have suggestions for covered treatments or follow-up courses that you should be aware of.

Seek medical help.

Go to the doctor after an accident. Accidents can cause serious internal injuries that are difficult to diagnose. Getting medical attention as soon as possible after an accident will help ensure that your trauma is appropriately identified and cared for. As a bonus, your medical record will help establish a connection between the accident and your injuries. That can be vital in maximizing your financial recovery.

Avoid the temptation to apologize.

You may want to apologize for an accident, especially if you think you’re at fault (even partially). No. That could end your claim before it has a chance to start. Other parties will use your kind words against you. So after checking that everyone is okay, keep quiet until the police arrive.

Organize your documents.

Now that you have your accident record, police report, insurance records, and medical bills, keep them in a safe place. Create a file for the evidence on your computer or in a physical folder. Use this file as your primary document for future reference.

Contact a car accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale.

Don’t try to do everything yourself. Ask someone who knows the law and can protect your rights to be on your side. 112,000 Ft Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer, make sure you focus only on your recovery while we get your compensation for you.

Direct conversations with your lawyer.

An insurance company may contact you immediately after an accident. They may want to discuss the details of the accident or offer you a quick settlement. None of these things are done with your best interest in mind. Insurers want to settle your case quickly and for as little money as possible. Therefore, protect your interests and direct all communication with your experienced lawyer.

Conclusion – 112,000 Ft Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyers

112,000 Ft Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyers offer all potential customers a free case evaluation. This way, you have the opportunity to get to know your legal options without any pressure. To schedule an appointment with any Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorneys, call them or contact them online today.


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