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How to Fix Corrupted Files

Most of us store important information on the computer, with the understanding that they are safe and protected.

corrupted file
IMAGE of corrupted file

However, this soon turns into a misconception, when one of those important files refuse to open. This may happen if the file is corrupted.

Corrupted files are files that become non-functional altogether. There are several reasons for the file getting corrupted. It can be a glitch in the operating system or in the program utilizing the file, improper file saving procedure, a system crash, or a result of some dangerous computer virus. The damage could also be on the hardware level, if the file system sector or the hard drive itself is damaged. Let’s learn how to understand when a file gets corrupted and the ways to fix it. When the file you are trying to access does not open and displays a message like ‘Cannot open file’ or ‘File data
inaccessible’ then it’s a clear indication that the file is corrupted. In case the file opens but the data within is unreadable, i.e., showing signs and symbols other than normal alphabets and numbers, then the file is corrupted.

***Fixing Corrupt Files***

AVI Files

AVI (Audio Video Interleave) files are video files that run on a program application that is designed to play an .avi file.
* To fix such files, all you have to do is download a
software that renders an AVI file correct. If the software is zipped or compressed, unzip it using a software like
Winzip. After all the files are displayed, click on the setup file and follow the instructions to set up the software on your computer.
Now, run the software, the interface window will display the functionalities that the software renders. Browse and add the corrupted *AVI files and click
on the button for repair. The repaired files may be stored in the same location as the previous files, or it may prompt you to select a new location. Different software will provide different facilities, so select one that suits your
needs. Few examples of AVI file repair software are DivXRepair 1.0.1, Avi Previewer 2.27, RegCure, ASF-AVI- RM-WMV Repair, etc.

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*JPEG Files

JPEG is the short form of Joint Photographic Experts Group.
When a .jpeg/.jpg image does not open with any
default application programs like Paint, Windows Photo Gallery, Fax Viewer, etc., it is corrupt. To retrieve the
image, try renaming and saving the picture file with a .jpg extension

Another option is to use JPEG image recovery
tools. Using these tools is a trial and error process, as it is difficult to figure out which one of the tools will recover
the images successfully. The procedure for downloading and executing the tools is same as that mentioned above. Examples of JPEG recovery software tools are JPEG Recovery, and Picture Doctor. You can also try opening the pictures with ACDSee, or Irfanview.

* Word Files

Word files are document files that contain text data. When a word file gets corrupted, download a word file repair software to resurrect the files.

* Click on the software’s icon and follow the instructions. Some software may need installation while others may not. Examples of word document repair software are Repair MyWord, Nucleus
Kernel Word Document Repair Software, etc. Repair myword can be downloaded free of cost and it provides an easy interface for the retrieval of files.

* Zip Files

Zip files are the compressed form of large files. Files that are very large in size are generally zipped/compacted
using a compressing software, specially if they are to be sent through a mail or have to be saved on an external memory drive of low capacity. The procedure for recovering zip files is the same, and requires a recovery software tool. Download it, follow the steps and run the application. Add the zip file to be retrieved. The software will scan the zip file and show you the result. Select from
the files the ones you want to repair and go to the next step. Software examples for fixing zip files are Zip Repair Software 1.0, Zip Repair Tool 3.3, and Actual Zip Repair 2.1.

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* Files on PSP
First and foremost, check if the file you are trying to open in your PSP (PlayStation Portable) is compatible with the
PSP file format or not. If your PSP does not support the file format, you may have to convert the file to the file format supported by your PSP. A direct method to repair
the corrupted file is to connect the PSP to the computer and run the data recovery software on your PC. Include the files on the PSP in the recovery software and retrieve them.
If that is not possible, put the corrupted files back
on your computer, recover the files using a recovery tool for that file format and put it back on the PSP.
Some of the data recovery software may not be available free of cost. If they are not freeware then you can
download a trial or demo version to repair your files. Also, remember that a software that works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. Hence, you may have to
employ the trial and error method to check the validity of the software. In case of a virus, you may need to run an antivirus software, after which the corrupted files may open.
In case of hardware failure, hard drive data recovery is also possible.

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By : Hardeyneeyi yungxsd
Date : November 2016