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How To Know If Note 10 Plus Is 5G?

How To Know If Note 10 Plus Is 5G and How To Enable It?

Does Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus support 5G? How to know if note 10 plus is 5G? 5G, the acclaimed next-generation mobile technology, is here. A growing number of countries, including the US, Canada, China, India, the UK, South Africa, Japan, and South Korea, have tried some sort of 5G network. Mobile smartphone brands that support 5G have also grown.

How to know if Note 10 Plus is 5G

If you recently bought Samsung galaxy Note 10 plus and you want to know how to know if note 10 plus is 5G or if you are not sure if it supports 5G, how can you safely confirm whether your device supports the latest mobile technology standard?

Check the Android phone settings

An easier way to tell if the Note 10 plus is 5G or not is to check your phone settings. Suppose it is Android phone, Tap on Settings >> Network & Internet >> Mobile Network >> Preferred Network Type. You should see all supported mobile network technologies such as 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G. If 5G is listed, your phone supports it.

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How to enable 5G network connection on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G

5G enables data speeds that are up to twenty times faster than 4G. Follow these steps to learn how to enable 5G on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G.

  • Go to the home screen.
  • Swipe up or down on the screen to access the menu.
  • Choose settings.
  • Choose Connections.
  • Choose Mobile networks.
  • Select the network mode.
  • Choose 5G / 4G / 3G / 2G (automatic connection).
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G has now been configured for use of 5G networks.
  • Go back to the home screen.

That is how to know if note 10 plus is 5G supported device. Also, make sure to go through the specifications and confirm it.

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