Apple iOS 14.5: Why The Latest Update Is Important For iPhone 11

With the introduction of Apple iOS 14.5 for iPhones from iPhone 6s, there were general usability improvements – detailed information here. Although some functions were limited to certain models, e.g. For example, if you unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask, it wasn’t surprising that it was only available for iPhones with Face ID capability. However, there is a new extension that only works with one generation of handsets.

This is a smart battery recalibration feature that is only compatible with iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

It is designed to address an issue where iPhones incorrectly reported battery health estimates. In the worst-case scenario, this problem can lead to unexpected battery drain or lower peak performance – both serious issues.

This new update aims to address these potential history issues.

Reporting, Not The Battery

The first thing to keep in mind is that this erratic behavior didn’t affect the health of the battery itself, but the message could lead to unhelpful responses.

So if you update your iPhone 11 series handset to iOS 14.5, you will see a message when you go to Settings, Battery, then Battery Health with the ominous headline: Important Battery Message. The message explains that the system is being recalibrated to report battery status.

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Don’t Expect A Quick Fix

This recalibration system is slow. According to Apple, recalibration causes both “maximum capacity and maximum performance” to occur during regular charge cycles. Therefore, “this process can take several weeks”. Yes, weeks.

Why does it take so long? Apple explains, “Maximum battery capacity is determined using a series of algorithms and measurements performed during use. Over time, these algorithms can be updated to give the best possible estimate of maximum battery capacity. “

And when it is finally done …

Then the figures for the maximum percentage of battery capacity and maximum capacity are updated. At this point, the message that the recalibration is taking place automatically disappears.

Then what?

Then continue as you were. In most cases, this is the result. In some cases, however, recalibration may not work. In that case, a new service will appear regarding the battery. Then there is one more step to take: contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

The good news?

Actually, there is good news. The provider can replace the battery to ensure full performance and capacity are restored. Moreover, this is done for free. Apple also says this issue is not a security issue, although users may experience battery and performance issues. The message that appears on the phone has a clickable button that says “More information about service options …”.

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Apple recommends that you wait for the recalibration to complete after updating to iOS 14.5 before contacting them. If your phone is still under warranty, service coverage for a battery affected by this issue will be temporarily extended to cover the recalibration period.

Battery issues are serious, but this is a serious answer to one from Apple.


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