Best iOS Applications for Book Lovers in 2018

Best iOS Applications for Book Lovers in 2018

Well, this is an undeniable fact that reading extends the mind, reading enlightens the mind. Every book reader would agree that the fresh smell coming out of the pages of new books is very intriguing. Gives an ineffable joy! However, in today’s hectic lifestyle, people hardly have time to read like that. Today, the latest technology innovations in the field of iOS application development are providing an abundance of iOS Applications for Book Lovers that will keep the reader inside you alive. Here is a list of the best and most attractive applications for iPad and iPhone developed by specialized iOS application developers around the world.

# 1 iBooks

If you’re looking for an enhanced reading experience, you can get this feature-rich, user-centered iOS app called iBooks. This application provides a wide range of categories, such as bestsellers, classics, etc. You can select any group depending on your preference. More interestingly, you can also explore future books by your favorite author. In addition, this application has the audiobook feature.
If you prefer a particular font style while reading, you can choose one of the eight different fonts available in this application. In addition, to calm your eyes, iBooks offers the self-night feature. Adjusting screen brightness is not a big problem when you use this iOS Applications for Book Lovers. This is a free app.

# 2 Kobo Books

Looking for an incredible reading experience, even with technology? The Kobo Books application is a perfect fit for you. This app would give you all the comfort, like custom font size, screen size, custom font style, anything you look for while reading. Kobo Books automatically syncs bookmarks and notes. If you like to read your book at night, the night mode offered by this app is very useful. After you have finished reading a book, you can review and evaluate that particular book in this application. The most interesting part is that Kobo Books supports a wide range of languages, such as Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, etc., in addition to English. You can get this app for free.

# 3 Scribd

To readjust the topics of your choice, you can use Scribd. By using the topic customization feature offered by this application, you can easily gain access to those articles that attract you. Having access to articles published by well-respected sources, such as the New York Times, NPR, The Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times etc., becomes easier using Scribd. This application has two versions. In the paid version, you would have everything, you can have access to all features. In the free version, you would have access to one audiobook and three books per month.
In addition to these three iOS Applications for Book Lovers, the Kindle has many trends in the market. In addition, Google Play Books, Inkitt, Pocket, Goodreads etc. are other popular reading apps that would make a good market by 2018.


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