July 25, 2024
4 Smartphone Repairs That Are Possible To Do Yourself

Dropping expensive smart phone can easily break the screen and ruin your day completely. Even though the smartphone is built for your convenience, there are several fundamental problems that can be solved with a little knowledge and the right tools. It is important to remember to open the phone to void the warranty, so it may be worth considering using this point and your insurance if possible.

Here are some common problems that can be fixed:

Screen display

The broken screen repair process can vary from very expensive very easy and cheap. Problem Factor refers to the manufacturing method of the device. The first step is to carefully remove the phone. Displays Duration that replaces the glass and a digitizer connected to the other. Any other form can be repaired relatively cheaply. If you remove the glass and find a suitable replacement, the actual repair is quite simple. But the glass attached with a digitizer to solve a bit more difficult, because the data cable must be installed stabbed.


Every part of the smartphone that moves can increase the risk of failure in the future. While headphones are not motorized, you may experience a lot of stress due to reuse. Headset jacks are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace. However, the smartphone is not always so easily accessible, especially those with a monocoque design. Most headphone jacks are completely separate and mounted on the motherboard. However, there are some that can also use a set of speakers that makes repairing more complex compound.

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Loose buttons

Loose or stuck buttons will not recover too difficult as long as you are able to get your smartphone on the table. Most buttons are easy to buy and only need those that no longer function properly replaced. However, there are some buttons that are connected to the motherboard using a cable, and they can be repaired very delicate process.


Behind the lens cracks, it very rarely fails with the hardware camera. However, if the camera has to be replaced, sensors on the camera’s smartphone are fairly easy to fix. This is another part that is connected through a single cable and must be connected to the motherboard with care.