Top 10 Best Educational Apps For Android

best Educational Apps
The process of learning and education is evolving with the continuous change of mobile technology and the internet. People are now learning the knowledge and information of mobile educational apps. But there are many effective, quality learning apps available in the Android gaming store to cover the different segments of the knowledge base. So how do you choose the best, effective and quality?

Best educational apps for Android

Today I’ll be sharing a list of the top 10 educational apps for Android devices. This will definitely help you learn and gain the most valuable things of the word Knowledge.

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# 10 – TED Talks

TED Talks allows you to enjoy over 2000 lectures and discussions about science and technology of remarkable people. You can solve and enjoy all the TED talks by theme and humor. You can also browse the TED Talks video library with subtitles and different languages. This app also allows you to download videos for offline use.

# 9 – Duolingo: Learn Languages ​​Free

This is one of the best language learning apps for Android. You can learn English, Spanish, French, German, Esperanto, Polish and more using Duolingo. What improves the skills of speaking, reading, listening and writing through interactive games. It also increases vocabulary and grammar skills by answering questions and completing the lessons.

# 8 – Memrise Learn Languages ​​Free

Memrise Learn Languages ​​is one of the best-rated language learning apps in the Android gaming store. This educational application allows you to learn multiple languages ​​through games and lessons.

# 7 – Quora

Quora is the best center for answers and questions that help you to answer all scientific, technological, social, political, religious questions and more. Thousands of experts around the world is ready to provide you with all the information you need about anything you want to know.

# 6 – Udemy online courses

Udemy is a true center of many online video tutorials on the various subjects you can imagine. You can improve the skills with 32000 tips and online guides on programming, business, yoga, photography, technology and what not.

# 5 – YouTube

YouTube is the best-rated, highest-grossing video application and trend technology for any technology device. It offers millions of easy online tutorials about anything you can imagine. Every day, millions of users spend thousands of hours watching videos and tutorials on YouTube. So why not take advantage of free lessons and YouTube guides?

# 4 – Khan Academy

I personally like and want to recommend this educational app to learn anything, anywhere, anytime, from a variety of subjects. With over 10,000 free videos, you can learn math, science, economics, history and much, much more. Want to do college preparation like SAT, GMAT or MCAT? No problem at all. Get all the lessons about all these topics at your fingertips.

# 3 – Coursera: Online courses

With more than 1000 specialized courses and many instructors from renowned colleges and universities, you will be able to advance your career and specialize in specific subjects such as computer science, data science, creative content writing, lifestyle, business, science, photography and much much more. You can watch all the different primary language videos at any time and also download these videos for offline use.
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# 2 – Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture is one of the best learning applications for those who love the culture, art and artifacts, and the stories behind all these iconic arts. Google is a partner of thousands of institutions and museums around the world, just to offer culture and arts without borders. Download now and get the word out in no time.

# 1 – Wikipedia

I do not need to present you about Wikipedia, a true ocean of knowledge. Literally, this app helps you find, discover and explore in-depth and detailed analysis information from any topic in over 300 languages. This best educational application offers more than 39 million content and is increasing daily. Do you believe that? So, why do you wait? Just pick up this best learning app for your Android phone and be a nerd of your preferable subject.

Final thought

This is the list of 10 best educational apps for Android users. All of the education app applications mentioned above are chosen based on the top classifications, highly profitable, trends and developed by top developers regularly. What guarantees easy and quality learning in guides and tutorials step by step. Always remember that self-learning is the best way to gain and learn quality knowledge.

What is your favorite?

Do you like this list of best educational apps? Let me know which one you like the most in the comments section. And also let me know about other learning applications you are currently using.
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