The New LG G6+ and New Updates from LG

The New LG G6+ and New Updates from LG

LG has announced a new version of its current G6 flagship phone. Dubbed the LG G6 +, the new phone has more memory, B & O helmets, and new color options.

LG G6 + Features:

The G6 + is not much different from the original LG G6. The new smartphone looks identical to the G6 is also powered by the same processor Snapdragon 821.
The LG G6 + 128GB dual internal storage, but RAM remains at 4 GB. LG also brought the Qi Plus wireless charging model.
The smartphone offers some new color options: Blue Marine Optical and Optical Terra Gold and Optical Black. LG has applied a different coating that will make the change of tone of the rear panel, according to the reflection of the light.

The G6 + also features a quad-quad stereo 32-bit audio to enhance. LG said the phone will be launched with the B & O headphones that can play high-resolution audio from the phone.



Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
Operator system

Android 7.0

4 GO

5.7 inches HD IPS (1440 x 2880 pixels)
Internal storage

External storage

MicroSD (up to 2000 GB)
Rear camera

13 MP (with flash)
frontal camera

5 Members
Number of SIM cards

1 (nano)

148.90 x 71.90 x 7.90 mm

163 grams
3300 MAH (non-removable)

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The LG + G6 from South Korea next month but the company has not yet announced the price and availability of the device in India.
For current G6 owners, LG has also announced a software update with additional new features. The new firmware comes with a facial recognition feature called Print Face, which works even when the phone is locked. The function of the covered lens issue a warning before clicking the shutter button if one of its fingers deviated to the shot.
Another new feature, called Low Power Consumption, is based on the Qualcomm chipset to increase battery usage. Other upgraded features include excellent volume control of the HiFi Quad audio and automatic recording of calls from a specific number that you have set up.