Tablet Vs iPod – Which Suits You Best?

Tablet Vs iPod

Technological advances have been given to a variety of gadgets. Today you can buy from a number of smartphones, MP3 players, iPods, and tablets. The possibilities are endless. If you are in a dilemma and have no idea if you should go for an iPod or tablet, we can help you. All you have to do is know the difference between the two devices. Let us help you.

Brand Vs Type

iPod is a brand. Simply put, the term refers to the series of a product manufactured by a particular manufacturer. The term tablet, on the other hand, refers to a device manufactured by one of several device manufacturers. A tablet is a type of computer and many manufacturers of tablet PCs exist, such as Apple, Sony, and Google.


An iPod is a small device. However, a tablet is a relatively larger device. Usually, tablets resemble a book and are used primarily for reading purposes. You can not keep a tablet in hand comfortable because they are bigger and heavier. On the other hand, an iPod is as big as a medium smartphone. You can carry an iPod in your hand anywhere.

Operating systems

All devices of the series iPod with iOS (a mobile operating system developed by Apple). All iPods have a preinstalled iOS operating system. Regarding the Apple made tablets, you will not find an Apple tablet that runs an operating system developed by a third party. But tablets from other manufacturers work with Android operating systems. So, if you like Android operating systems, you can go for a tablet that runs the desired version of Android OS.

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Adobe Flash, often abbreviated as Flash is a multimedia platform that lets you transfer audio, video, and other media types. Unfortunately, Apple devices, including iPod series devices do not allow you to install Flash. On the other hand, almost all the tablets produced by other manufacturers provide flash support. So, if you are playing videos that run on Flash, you should go for a table that supports this application.


You can multitask if you have an iPod or tablet. However, multitasking is different on both devices. For example, if you have multiple programs running on an iPod, the first application is pending while you use the second application. However, some applications, such as iTunes, can continue to operate in the background. However, this can not be true for all other applications you want to work with. If you have an Android tablet OS, the applications will run in the background and you can use any application you want.


So these are some important differences between the two devices. I hope now you can easily choose a gadget that suits you best. Just make sure you go for the one that suits your needs.


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