July 25, 2024
Custom ROM

What is ROM?

R-O-M is readout. ROM is the operating system running on Droid and stored in a read-only memory of the phone.

Sorting on two types of ROM:


In stock ROM loading equipment manufacturer and optimized in accordance with the configuration of the device. It has many restrictions on users.


Android is open source, so developers can take the code and adapt it to your taste, add more features to it and build a new operating system tailored Android operating system is usually stored in ROM readability mobile phone and replacing the operating system.
Before you install a custom ROM:
Before you install a custom ROM device is rooted. Rooting Android device refers to the removal of restrictions imposed by the manufacturer. Rooting allows for tons of custom changes to your device.Rooting changing his privileges, users can enjoy the administrator. It is considered as a protective measure, but some people do not like it because it limits some of the adjustments you want to the device. But remember that rooting your device will void the warranty, but some custom ROMs are valid.
To install a custom ROM has both advantages and disadvantages.

OMA ROM installation advantages:

The latest version of Android:

One of the most common reasons to install the updated version of Android. Users can install the latest version of the Android phone which makes the phone show their age. It will not only make it a new look but also provides users with better performance and a new version is more stable than the old.


Another reason why people choose to install it on your Android phone has a ton of custom changes, which are available to them. The sexy and gorgeous theme can bring a new look to the device. This allows users to customize the user interface (UI) for my liking.

Overclocking and underclocking:

It’s not really a priority to install a custom ROM, but associated with a custom kernel (file system, which is a driver of the operating system) installed on your disk. Well anyway, it allows users to overclock the device or underclock. Clocking means executed by the CPU or the GPU processor device faster than those intended for the manufacturers. It gives you better performance, but I do not recommend because it can damage the device. Underclocking against. It will change the system to run at a lower speed than intended. It gives you a longer battery life, but in exchange for their performance. You can also install custom kernels.

REMOVING bloatware:

While rooting gives users the option to remove bloatware apps installed by the manufacturer, but the user must choose which applications they want to use, and have not been manually removing it that they do not want to use. Although the custom ROM developers to remove applications, as well as to develop a ROM, accompanies them did not have their operating system, so users just install it now and his / her condition is bloatware free.


Tons of customizable ROMs attract users to install on their own devices. The custom mode family ranges from very simple to multi-window mode or by increasing the number of border manufacturers who change custom ROMs, such as the mode control of the pie.

User Port Interface:

In this case, the user can choose one that best matches the various experiences of the UI. As with the HTC Sense UI phone being transferred to various types of mobile phones, users can even buy HTC phones that experience HTC phones. Users can choose to install Android and Android on their phones faster than they are installed on phones such as Samsung or HTC.
The disadvantage is that you install a custom ROM:
Another reason for the user hesitating to install a custom ROM on their device is the block of brick with no fear of bricking the device will become unusable. Mainly because there is no way to restore the state of this device, will be afraid.

Battery life issues:

These ROMs do not adequately charge adequately, optimizing the result of the problem of the battery causing the device to discharge more, or the battery may not be damaged.

Hardware issue:

This ROM may not support all of the hardware devices that may lead to non-functioning equipment or other things like camera or not to take low-quality pictures.

Bug :

This ROM is loaded by the manufacturer to allow for a number of defects such as closing the power of the application (which can be really annoying), allowing the number of defects to be pre-tested, or random (really scary beginner) phones to carry over the boot loop The phone is on.

Conclusion :

Now, here are the advantages and disadvantages of installing a custom ROM, but you certainly do not know what will happen until you try it. Actually, I use a custom ROM on your phone, and I was glad I did. But also, everyone has their own choice so you can keep in mind that I am not the ROM developer responsible for what happens to the device.