6 Tips to Boost the Speed of Your Mobile Phone

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The smartphone is no different from the computer in terms of maintenance and long-term performance. Such as desktops, Android smartphones and iOS to know also passes through reduced productivity after using for a long time. The mobile operating system also gets more awkward than you use, such as a computer. On this note, it also means that mobile phones need regular maintenance software to make it run at its 100% all the time. In addition, the mobile phone storage space does not differ from the computer, files can be stored, more effort is required to index all and start the phone correctly, more files, the more the hard disk becomes, The more the weight of the equipment on the phone may be wearing does so slowly. That said, here are 5 tips on how to increase the speed of your mobile phone.

software update
One reason why smartphone manufacturers provide updates for their phones from time to time to make sure their performance is optimized for the best they can fix bugs, and if there are any at. It is expected that each edition works better to improve the performance of your phone, of course. Additionally, the update is intended to resolve other issues experienced by users on your phone based on their feedback. Problems are mainly about application performance (or non-catastrophe) and the speed of the phone. So, when the phone notifies you of a firmware update or a system, make sure you do not miss it, no matter how big the size is. In fact, the better the change will be.

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Clear cache data
The data cache can be regarded as the leftover files of your previous browsing session, using applications or applications remains of the time that has been installed. These files are usually stored in the phone system and are not easily detectable by native functionality to scan files on your phone. To insidiously keep unnecessary files on your phone to install optimize performance file or application cleaning, mainly in the Android Market, and Dr. Clean Master Cleaner for iOS. As these two applications only analyze the complete system on your phone and specify files and folders that are not used and have been so for a period of time. When you do this, it gives users the execution file and the ability to remove them completely. On average, the monthly release value of cached files will give the phone more or less 1 GB of storage. Not only will this give you more space for your files, it can also make your phone “lighter program will improve its performance.

Eliminating unnecessary applications
As mentioned above, more space for mobile consumption does not clunkier. One way to optimize disk space, which has led to an increase in productivity is to remove unnecessary applications, especially inflamed assets. Bloating ware is pre-installed applications that phone manufacturers have decided to throw away their phone in order to get real qualities that they want to focus on your phone. Some of the bloating items are helpful, but more often than not they are useless. In addition, many bloating products can not be uninstalled, but still, good enough abstract can be removed from your phone.

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On the other hand, applications that are unused will also be useful for optimizing the performance of the phone. Will free up more space and allow the phone to have a lighter storage system for processing …

Forcing all background programs
Most of the time users of smartphones hit the home button after completing the program. In this way, the program is not completely off, on the contrary, they will be suspended until they are restarted. The application program is in the background and continues to consume RAM phone until they are fully closed.

If you do not know what RAM is about, that is, in a nutshell: The random access memory, known as RAM, is essentially a virtual memory, which takes into account the operation of the phone in real time. More RAM you have, the more files or applications can hold simultaneously. As for places for RAM temporarily assigned to the device for real-time processing tasks. Once these steps are completed, they will slow down the amount of memory consumed. Think about it: a bowl of RAM, applications, and cereals. can be poured the larger bowl (RAM), less grain (or program files) in without knocking. After completion of cereal consumption (or shares) will be cut free for more petals.

With this in mind, in order to fully complete the application session, do the following:

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• Double-click the Home button. To return to the home screen and view all running next to each other.

• Move the programs you want to go.

Applications (KitKat, Lollipop marshmallow)

• Press the multifunction (presentation) or hold the button for phones with buttons Samsung Galaxy opens all applications running on your phone, you can not see.

• Programs to switch sides, to force them to close.

RAM Clear
It seems that the cleaning RAM by closing the last application is not enough. The most effective way to ensure that no files or programs difficult to eat them is to use a cleanser RAM. The applications are not just the phone can not slow down the program in the background, but also optimizes battery. Smaller programs and files that make muscles move the phone several burns battery.

This function includes applications such as Master Clean Android and iOS Dr. Cleaner. The widget Android phones are really easy to use, you can free RAM instantly with a single click on the widget.

Do not use Animated Wallpaper

background animated screen looks attractive, but also use a lot of RAM. The same principle applies to the animated background, as in the case of applications because usually occupy the same space, which is actually demanded. If you do, if you want your powerful performance, animated wallpaper is not there to optimize the operation of the phone.

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