How to permanently erase data from an Android device

The smartphone is an important way to communicate with them, and this is also a better way to protect personal data.

Smartphone factory reset

Most keep your important documents on your smartphones. Now, it is obvious that if your phone is outdated, you may have the intention of buying a new one. In this case, you must save old documents and files from your old phone and reset the phone. The phone is reset to the phone as default.
After reset, factory erases all data on the phone, but it always remains in the phone’s internal memory. That’s why we’ll tell you how to remove data from your Android phone forever.

1. Encrypt Storage device
With this option, all information about your smartphone is deleted. It is good to do this procedure before factory reset. Without data encryption, your phone’s data is not deleted properly.

A) For this, you should go to the settings, then press the security. Then, click Encrypt phone. This process may take some time depending on the data in the phone. When encryption is complete, you can reset the phone to factory reset. Then delete all your data from your phone.

2 By the way, the encryption option is effective in erasing all the data on the phone, but it’s still way more effective out. For this, you must first reset the factory. To do this, you must remember that no email ID is connected to the phone. When the installation is complete, you should burn a garbage video according to internal storage. When you do this, if no data has been provided in the phone, it will be replaced.

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Note Before backing up from the factory, you must back up important data from your phone.
Shortly afterward you can buy new phones out of your old phone and transfer the old data to a new phone.


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