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The Samsung Galaxy S11 May Come Out Earlier Than We Thought

The Samsung Galaxy S11 May Come Out Earlier Than We Thought
The Samsung Galaxy S11 maybe released a little earlier than we previously expected.
A new report stated that the Samsung Galaxy S10’s successor could be presented at an Unpacked event on February 18, 2020. That date would precede most estimates, as the series’ the previous entry was not revealed until March.
However, take this information carefully. Despite reporting the news, SamMobile admits that “it is not confident enough in the source of this information to place our weight on the data provided.”
The Galaxy S10 is a very good phone, but it’s definitely less exciting than most other flagships it’s competing with. We have already identified areas where Samsung needs to improve its game to take advantage of the upcoming iPhone.
Firstly, we would like to see an improvement in the camera so it can go shoulder to shoulder with the Google Pixel 3 and the Huawei P30 Pro. It would also be nice to see the Samsung Galaxy S11 adopt a 90Hz fast screen refresh rates, like that of the OnePlus 7 Pro and the upcoming Google Pixel 4, as this helps provide a much smoother user experience.
But perhaps most of all, we would really like to see a price cut as Samsung handsets are increasingly crossing the 1000 pound barrier and beyond – a level that is simply not accessible to many consumers. Also, the most modestly priced major phones, such as the iPhone XR, have proven successful.
2019 was an extremely busy year for Samsung: since January of this year, we’ve seen the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10, which included the first Samsung 5G phone; The renamed A series also debuted (including the Samsung Galaxy A50 and Samsung Galaxy A70) and offered stunning and quirky phones at an affordable price.
The powerful Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has followed this pattern for modern phablets, and of course, the saga of the Samsung Galaxy Fold continues.

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