How to Check Your Phone for this deadly HummingBad

How To Check Your Phone for this “deadly” HummingBad 
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The HummingBad Malware is causing lots of havoc and has infected millions of Android devices worldwide and you need to remove it as soon as possible from you your android device. 
The HummingBad is technically a rootkit which is mostly downloaded from free apps sites and it installs itself deep inside the Android operating system to avoid detection but gives the hacker complete control over your phone. Information stolen from infected phones to its creator by this malware ranks about $300,0000 monthly.
How HummingBad works in your device Once it enters your device, the HummingBad start
installing apps on your device and each time your browsing, it spies on your browsing habits and the pages you open. On pages that has targeted adverts, it can also
generate fake clicks for online adverts thereby opening pages that you did not intend to open
How to check if Your Device Is Infected. Because its work is mostly auto clicks, opening online adverts and observing browsing habits when you observe
any of these on your Android phone;
– displaying unusual advertisements, or
– too many pages being open simultaneously or
– your phone starts consuming too much data from your data subscription, then it is likely that your device might be infected and you need to remove it.
Other noticeable signs include:
– Your phone receiving an unexpected “system update” notifications, or
– you get a prompt to install a new app especially one which you did not download, or
– you find some apps on your phone that you did not install, and
– your battery drains more rapidly than normal.
Your phone anti-virus app can also detect the malware especially Lookout Security Software, Avast antivirus
or360 Security software and prompt you to uninstall affected apps.
How to remove the HummingBad malware
Once it enters your phone and you start observing the signs above, it is very difficult to remove it from the
device, for now, the only way to get back your phone is to perform a factory “Hard reset”.
To do this, follow the following steps carefully
1. Create a backup of the data on your device; it is
advisable not to backup apps. You can use Titanium or Mobile Uncle Tools on either PC (preferred) or phone.
2. After backing up the data, go to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory Data Reset. 
This might be different on
the different android device, but it is relatively easy to find.
3. Tap Reset device (or Reset phone depending on the model). Sit back as your device reboots to Recovery mode (with just an android icon on the screen) and will start
wiping your infected device.
4. Upon completion, your device will automatically reboot and then you can proceed to set up your device and install your apps.
5. As your device is now free of the hummingbird
malware, it is advisable that you install apps only from Google Play store
By: Hardeyneeyi yungxsd
Date : November 2016

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