How To Add Filters And Effects To Your Pictures Online?

Everyone wants to take good photographs, but not all of us are professional photographers and designers. You can see that the picture quality is ten times poor compared to the pictures captured by a professional. Here, an important point you also need to know is that you would also need to have a DSLR camera to take high-quality pictures. These professional cameras are quite expensive, and you need proper training to utilize them. If you don’t have the money to buy a DSLR or the time to get training, you can take the alternate route discussed in this post.

Today every one of us has smartphones in our pockets. These phones are not only used for calling and messaging features but also for taking pictures. We can easily take decent-quality pictures on our mobile phones today. Still, one must add filters and effects to enhance their quality and overall look.

Filters are the optical enhancement that is electronically attached to the camera lens of your mobile. Know that you can find different filters and effects and the default camera app on your mobile. Still, suppose you don’t want to use those filters. In that case, you can also install professional camera filter apps on your mobile. Before we tell you how to add filters online to your pictures, we would like you to know why there is a need to use filters on pictures.

Why Do You Need To Add Filters On Pictures?

Here we have discussed some common reasons behind the use of digital filters on pictures:

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To enhance colors and contrast

You must know that the pictures that you take on your mobile will have low-quality color schemes. You can use professional editing software like Photoshop to improve the image quality but know that this premium software is paid and quite complex. If you use online filters, you can enhance the colors and contrast of the picture for free. Filters like polarizers are the ones that are commonly used to up the color scheme and contrast of an image. These filters can reduce the reflections in the image and improve color saturation. These filters are quite beneficial, especially if you are enhancing outdoor photographs.

To create motion in your images

Filters are not only about adding and improving the colors of an image; rather, they also contribute to creating movement in a picture. You might have come across situations where you want to add motion to your static images. Well, with online filters, you can make this happen. Today photo filter apps can provide you with neutral density filters which can add motion to the image in query.

Filters can balance the exposure of the image

You can also use online filters to expose an image accurately. If you want to capture a scene accurately, it is best to use digital filters. Filters and additional camera effects can significantly reduce the amount of light entering the camera, hence improving the scene recording. If you need balanced exposures and high contrast images, you should know that filters are appropriate.

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To enhance the overall quality of the image

Suppose you want to enhance the quality of your pictures on your camera phones. In that case, we suggest you use digital photography filters. You can find special effect filters on different camera filter apps. These filters can improve the quality of the picture and boost or intensify the visibility of the subject in the image.

These are some popular reasons you need to add photo filters today. Now let us tell you how you can do it!

How to add photo filters to your pictures without any skills?

You might be thinking that adding filters to images is not easy and requires skills. But this isn’t true anymore, and this is all because of modern camera filter apps. Thanks to digital camera filters and effects apps, adding filters has become very easy today.

Install the camera filter application on your mobile

If you want to add image filters without any hassle, you have to install the best camera filters and effects app on your mobile. You can easily find hundreds of retro and Lomography filter applications that can boost the quality of your image in a way you would not imagine.

Try out filters in different categories

After installation, you need to access the camera filter app to your local gallery. When you open the application, you find different categories of filters and effects. Some of the popular filters that you can find include darkroom, retro, vintage, Polaroid camera, glitch, cinematic, Hipstamatic, light leak, line art, and many others.

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Input the image and add the filters you like

You can add images from your gallery and enter the edit mode. In this mode, you can swipe different filters and enable the ones that you find attractive. You can easily boost the quality of your image in a few taps with digital camera filter apps.


Using an online camera filter app is the best way to enhance the quality of your image for free and without getting paid software!