Samsung Galaxy A51 With 48MP Quad-Camera Setup

Samsung Galaxy A51 With 48MP Quad-Camera Setup
It’s only been a few months since the Samsung Galaxy A50s was released, and we already have our first batch of leaks from its successor, the A51.
While Samsung continues to populate its mid-range Galaxy A (2019) smartphone line with new models like the GalaxyA30s and Galaxy A50s, the company is also laying the groundwork for its Galaxy A (2020) series. It has been doing so for some time. The line may include up to nine models, according to a registered trademark a few months ago, and should accommodate devices such as the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71, both now subject to a new leak, revealing their storage and colour options.

Galaxy A51 and A71 storage and colour options appear

It was recently reported on the storage and colour options of the Galaxy A51 and A71, and meanwhile, we have been able to confirm from our own sources that the information is correct. The Galaxy A51 will be identified by model number SM-A515 and will ship with 64 GB and 128 GB of silver, black and blue storage. The Galaxy A71 will surprisingly carry the model number SM-A715. The device will be offered with 128 GB of storage and possibly other settings that have not yet been confirmed. It will be shipped in black, silver, blue and pink.
The 2019 Galaxy A50 and A70 were released in February and March, respectively, and it is likely that the Galaxy A51 and A71 will be unveiled in the same period next year. Early rumours suggest that the Galaxy A (2020) line could benefit from drastic camera upgrades and suggest the inclusion of a ToF sensor in the Galaxy A71. This hasn’t been confirmed by our sources yet, but we’ll keep you updated as we find out more. Samsung is also apparently testing a new Exynos 9630 chipset, which may end up lending its prowess to the Galaxy A51. Still, only time will tell if the device will continue to deliver great value, like its predecessor half a year ago.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Equipped with Android 10

Samsung is already testing Android 10 for the Galaxy Note 10, and when the Galaxy A (2020) series launches early next year, Samsung will now feature Android 10 on several existing high-end devices. The entire Galaxy A (2020) series will likely ship with Android 10, as will the 2019 schedule shipped with Android 9 immediately. At a minimum, the Galaxy A71 was seen at Geekbench a few weeks ago with Android 10, and the Galaxy A91 is also under development in conjunction with the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system.

Galaxy A51 Highlights
  • ·       New renderings show the Galaxy A51 from all angles.
  • ·       The Galaxy A51 can come with quad cameras and punching screen.
  • ·       The phone should be launched early next year.
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