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What happens if I don't pay Etisalat bill?

What happens if I don’t pay Etisalat bill?

Are you staying in Dubai and forgot to pay your phone or internet bill? What happens if I don’t pay Etisalat bill? This post answers your questions. It is important to set reminders or create automatic payment options for these services to make sure you don’t lose your connection or your creditworthiness is compromised.

Here is everything you need to know about the billing cycle of your telecommunications services and how long to pay your bill before the services are interrupted.

Etisalat –

Etisalat customers must pay the invoice within 15 days of the invoice being issued. This is the first of every month. This emerges from a statement from the company.

“Customers are given a final expiration date on the 15th of the month for mobile and e-life services. That is why we allow our customers to pay their fees 15 days after the invoice has been issued, ”the statement says.

What happens if I don’t pay Etisalat bill?

If the bill is not paid within the specified time, the connection can be interrupted.

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“We expect our customers to always pay their invoices on or before the invoice date to avoid service disruptions. If the customer does not pay his bill on the 15th of the month, his connection can be terminated at any time after the 15th of the month. We always ask our customers to pay their bills on or before the account due date to avoid reminders of collections, business interruptions, and impact on their credit profile with the Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB), ”the statement reads.

Service Disruption

Yeah, to answer your question “What happens if I don’t pay Etisalat bill?” your service will be disrupted and you won’t be able to enjoy the service any longer. If you do not pay the bill within 15 days and the service is interrupted, make the payment via one of the online channels – the mobile app “My Etisalat”, the website or call 125 from your Etisalat to number – assists in resuming services.

“The services are immediately reconnected within two hours once a customer has made the full payment. Customers must pay the full reconnection payment, not the partial payment. Partial payments do not restore a suspended service,”the statement said.

“We split bills on the first of every month and customers are given 15 days to pay their fees and enjoy uninterrupted service. We encourage our customers to keep a good payment history as the payment information will be shared with the Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB) and failure to pay by the due date may affect the creditworthiness of the AECB and its banks. We also encourage our customers to choose Etisalat’s “Auto Pay” service for absolute security and hassle-free payments, “the statement said.

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With auto-paid services, customers can provide ongoing instructions that deduct the invoice amount from the bank account or credit card associated with the customer’s telecommunications account. However, it is important to make sure that you are keeping an eye on payments and that you have sufficient funds at all times to be able to automatically withdraw payments.


Customers have 21 days from the date of invoicing to make payment. According to du, this applies to both postpaid cellular lines and home connections.

What happens if you don’t pay?

After 21 days of non-payment from the date of issue of the invoice, the outgoing line will be blocked.

How many days do you have to pay your phone bill?

“During this time, customers will receive several reminders by email or text message to help them settle their bill. If the customer does not pay the bill for 21 days, the line will be cut with no outgoing or incoming calls. If the arrears continue for 60 days after the suspension, the line will be deactivated. Customers will continue to receive direct debit calls during suspension and after deactivation. If an amount is not paid out, you can take legal action and also update the credit bureau, ”the statement said.

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While there is no non-payment penalty added to the existing bill, it is always a good idea to clear your payments to avoid business disruptions and negative effects on your creditworthiness.

Resumption of service

Once the customer has paid the full amount due, the connection will be restored within 24 hours.

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