Often our MTN data plans automatically renew even though we never chose to. This post will show you how to stop auto renewal on MTN.

MTN offers many data packages and during the subscription period, users can choose between a one-time purchase and automatic renewal options.

The auto-renewal highlight has been added so that your canceled data plan can be automatically topped up and you can easily reactivate the plan manually.

For how to stop auto renewal on MTN, just dial *131# and follow the process. Alternatively, to stop auto-renewal for regular MTN data plan, send “NoCODE” to 131. For example, you can send “NO130” to 131 if you are using the 1 month 2GB MTN data plan for 1,200 naira.

How To Stop Auto Renewal On MTN

Follow these simple steps to learn how to opt-out of the automatic MTN daily, weekly, or monthly data refresh option without knowing the subscription code or sending a message.

  1. Dial *131# with your MTN SIM card.
  2. Select Data Plans – Option 1.
  3. Select Manage Data – Option 8.
  4. Select Cancel Auto Renewal – Option 3.
  5. Select the MTN data plan to opt-out.
  6. You have successfully logged out.

Below are other USSD codes or short SMS to send with code to send to others to cancel MTN auto data renewal.

MTN Data PlansCode to cancel MTN Auto-Renewal
25MB Daily planSend “NO114” to 131
75MB DailySend “NO114” to 131
1GB DailySend “NO155” to 131
200MB 2-DaysSend “NO113” to 131
2GB 2-DaysSend “NO154” to 131
350MB 7-DaysSend “NO102” to 131
750MB 7-DaysSend “NO103” to 131
1.5GB 30-DaysSend “NO106” to 131
2GB 30-DaysSend “NO130” to 131
3GB 30-DaysSend “NO109” to 131
3.5GB 30-DaysSend “NO110” to 131
6.5GB 30-DaysSend “NO107” to 131

How to cancel MTN auto-renewals of the social plan subscriptions

We also mention the codes you will need to cancel or stop auto renew on all MTN social plans:

MTN Social planCode for Stopping auto renewal
WhatsApp DailySend  STOPWAD”  to 131
Facebook DailySend “ STOPFBD”  to 131
Instagram DailySend “STOPINSD” to 131
2Go DailySend “STOP2GOD” to 131
WeChat DailySend “STOPWCD” to 131
Eskimi DailySend “STOPESKD” to 131G
WhatsApp WeeklySend ”STOPWAW” to 131
Facebook Weekly“Send STOPFBW” to 131
Instagram WeeklySend “STOPINSW” to 131
2Go WeeklySend “STOP2GOW” to 131
WeChat WeeklySend “STOPWCW” to 131
Eskimi WeeklySend “STOPESKW to 131
WhatsApp MonthlySend “STOPWAM” to 131
Facebook MonthlySend “STOPFBM” to 131
Instagram MonthlySend “STOPINSM” to 131
2Go MonthlySend “STOP2GOM” to 131
WeChat MonthlySend “STOPWCM” to 131
Eskimi MontlySend “STOPESKM” to 131