MTN Message Centre Number 2022 – How To Fix Message Sending Failed in Nigeria

If you’re not able to send messages on your phone, the problem might be you’re having the wrong message centre number. You need the correct MTN message centre number if your network carrier is MTN before you can send the message successfully.

What is MTN message Centre number?

The MTN Nigeria message centre number is +2348030000000.

The MTN Nigeria message center number is sometimes referred to as the Cost Centre number of the MTN Nigeria network. Message billings/tariffs are charged through this special number (Message centre number).

The message center number (MTN) is an internationally assigned unique number and differs from network to network all over the world.

Why You May Need MTN Message Center Number?

Like I’ve said before, you need message center number to able to send and receive SMS successfully.

Cannot Receive SMS

If you cannot receive text messages, it could be because your message center number is incorrect or as an iPhone or former iPhone user, you are receiving imessages from iPhone. You can learn about how to set message center number on other networks.


Insert SIM in the iPhone and turn off iMessage if you still have the iPhone. If not, use the ”deregister iMessage” webpage.

Not an iPhone issue?

  • Check to see that the Message Centre Number is correct +234803000000
  • You can correct your Message Centre Number by taking the steps below;
  • Launch Messages app on your device
  • Tap on Message Settings
  • Choose Text Messages
  • Go to Message Centre Number
  • Type in the correct message Centre number +234803000000

After entering the right message centre number, you’ll be able to receive and send messages on your MTN line.

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