9mobile Moreblaze Data Plan Code 2021

9mobile Moreblaze Data Plan Code 2024

9mobile’s new data plan, known as 9mobile moreblaze data plan, is a basic data plan that should be introduced as a more affordable data service to earn more affordability.

Their standard data plan gives you the freedom to choose the set that suits you best and yes, 9mobile moreblaze for your needs is listed in the most affordable plans.

We actually don’t know why they are introducing such a 9mobile data plan, but we just notice that their main goal is to customize their customers the most affordable data plan.

In this article, we will show you how to activate 9mbolie moreblaze for the 2GB N500 and other most affordable data plan services added to the 9mobile moreblaze data plan.

9mobile Moreblaze Data Plan Code

Below are Moreblaze’s monthly data plans available, ranging from 75 GB, 40 GB, 15 GB, 11 GB, 4.5 GB, 3 GB, 2 GB, 1.5 GB, and finally 500 MB.

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How to buy a 9mobile 75GB plan for 15,000

The 9mobile moreblaze 75GB plan costs 15,000 won and is valid for 30 days. The fact that you can use the data from the day the data is activated to the day it arrives is a huge amount of data.

How to Activate a 9mobile 75GB Moreblaze Data Plan

All you need to do is dial *229*2*4# to activate your 75GB extra data plan directly or visit their site to buy data online.

How do I buy a 9mobile 40GB N10 000

These 40 GB data packages cost 10,000 won and are also valid for 30 days. 40 GB sounds great for heavy file downloaders on the web or for people who stream every day.

How to Activate a 9mobile 40GB Moreblaze Data Plan

You can buy this data plan directly online or simply activate *229*2*4# to activate.

NOTE. There is no SMS option to activate the data plan and make sure you upload the correct amount to your account before dialing the code.

How do I buy a 9mobile 15GB N5,000

A 15 GB subscription will cost you only 5000 5,000 and is valid for 30 days. Sounds cool, just 5k, you get 15GB of data from a 9GB cell phone. Sorry for the word (just), if it sounds like an apology, go to the next step in the activation process.

How to activate a 9mobile 15GB Moreblaze data plan

Similarly, you can still buy data directly from the 9mobile site online or dial *229*4*1# directly from the dialer, but there is no SMS option for these data packages.

How do I buy a 9mobile 11GB N4 000

The 11 GB data plan can be purchased for 44,000 and is still valid for 30 days after the monthly subscriptions. Looks like they are cheaper than the 15G bought for 5000 but it’s just the N1000 which is seriously different from 1000 it’s also something that can change all of Nigeria lol I’m not the one who said that.

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How to Activate a 9mobile 11GB Moreblaze Data Plan

Dial *229*2*37# Another option is to go to the 9mobile mobile app to check the web or go directly to their site to purchase a plan. Beware of scammers, there is no SMS option available to activate this plan.

Buy a 9mobile 4.5 GB for N2,000

4.5 GB plan for 2000 approval for up to 30 days. This data plan also seems to be related to Mtn 4.5 GB, but the price is different, the price is different, which you can admit to yourself.

How to activate the 9mobile 4.5 GB Moreblaze data plan

Data can still be activated online. And you can directly dial *229*2*36# to activate directly. Note There are no SMS options available for this plan.

How do I buy a 9mobile 3GB N 1500

More Blaze 3 GB package for 1500 and a validity of 30 days sounds much cheaper. 1500 Spending on a subscription per month is okay, right?

How to Activate a 9mobile 3GB Moreblaze Data Plan

Data can be purchased online or dial *229*2*3# directly to activate. Still, the same warning is that the SMS option is not available to activate the data plan.

How to buy a 9mobile 2GB for the N1 200

2 GB subscription for 1200 validation up to 30 days. It sounds weird because it calls it the N500 for 2 GB, don’t panic. You can select an activation code on your line, if you have the right to do so, you will see an activation option there.

How to Activate a 9mobile 2GB Moreblaze Data Plan

Buy this data online or you can still call *229*2*25# or text 229.

These are some of the 9 mobile data plans that support SMS activation. However, warn scammers all over the internet if they don’t scam over the internet right now without internet so do your personal research before picking any code on your phone.

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How to buy a 9mobile moreblaze data plan for 1.5 GB for #1,000

A 1.5GB 9mobile moreblaze data plan costs 1000 and is valid for 30 days. The activation process is described below.

How to activate the 9mobile 1.5 GB Moreblaze data plan

This plan can be activated online or you can still dial *229*2*7#. No SMS options are available for the plan. And finally, let’s see how to activate the 500 MB data plan for the N500, or still the same data plan with 9 million mobile phones.

Buying a 9mobile 500MB for the N500

This subscription is also valid for 30 days, this 500 MB data bundle costs 500.

How to Activate a 9mobile 500MB Moreblaze Data Plan

You can buy a subscription online or call *229*2*12# to activate it. There is no SMS option to activate these subscriptions.

The 9mobile moreblaze data plan is available daily and weekly, which is included with some social plans. Here’s where to activate our denominated 2GB N500. All these are listed below:

9mobile Day/Week Plans + Social

  • 7 GB + social plan 1500 , valid for 7 days. (select *229*2*2# no SMS option.)
  • 2 GB + Social Pack for 500 , valid for 3 days. (select *229*3*4# no SMS option.)
  • 1 GB + social plan for 500 , valid for 7 days. (select *229*2*1# no SMS option.)
  • 1 GB + Social Pack 300 , valid for 24 hours. (select *229*3*3# no SMS option.)

Moreblaze is still associated with the night/weekend plan, one of the main reasons we said the plan was introduced to 9 mobile customers who have a list of affordable data plans for the 9mobile moreblaze night/weekend plan is listed below :

9mobile Moreblaze night/weekend plans + social

  • 1 GB plan ₦ 200 is valid for 24 hours. night plans only (12:00-05:00) (Select *229*3*11# no SMS option.)
  • 2 GB subscription 1000 and valid for 30 days. evening and weekend subscription (7 pm–7 am) (call *229*3*12# no texting option)
  • The 5 GB plan costs 2000 and is valid for 30 days. Evening and weekend schedule (19:00-7:00). (select *229*3*13#)

We offer you all the 9mobile moreblaze data plans you know, and what you can buy for me is that all the data plans on this page are cheap and affordable.

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