Zedvance loan USSD code

Zedvance Loan USSD code

Zedvance, a leading consumer finance institution in Nigeria, recently introduced a Zedvance loan USSD code to promote financial inclusion and make borrowing easier and faster for its clients. The USSD channel, *5858#, is available 24/7 and gives customers access to fast loans without collateral or paperwork.

At Zedvance, the company is committed to giving everyone access to credit, regardless of income level or location. Introducing the Zedvance loan USSD code is part of this commitment to make access to loans easier for customers. With the USSD code, customers can apply for a loan and receive an instant decision within minutes.

How To Use The Zedvance Loan USSD Code

To use the Zedvance loan USSD code, customers must first register by calling *5858# on their mobile phone and following the instructions. They will be asked to provide personal information, including name, phone number, and BVN (Bank Verification Number). Once registered, clients can access loans of up to ₦5 million, depending on their eligibility and credit history.

Zedvance loan Application – How to apply for Zedvance loan with the USSD code?

The loan application process is simple and straightforward. Customers can apply for a loan by calling *5858# and following the instructions. They will be asked to provide information about the amount borrowed, the repayment period, and the purpose of the loan. Customers must also provide bank account details and upload a valid identity card. Once the loan application has been submitted, Zedvance will review the application and make an immediate decision within minutes.

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Here are five steps required for applying for a loan through the USSD channel:

1. Dial *5858#

Getting started is as easy as calling *5858# on your mobile phone. Ensure the phone number is the same as the one associated with your Bank Verification Number (BVN).

2. Apply for a loan

Click on request loan (option 1).

3. Select a loan amount

You can select your desired loan amount and convenient term.

4. Accept the terms of the loan

Read the simple terms and conditions and click Accept if you agree to the terms and conditions of your loan.

5. Confirm the payout account

Your loan is paid into your salary bank account.

If the loan application is approved, the money will be deposited into the customer’s bank account within 24 hours. Customers can also choose to receive the funds through their mobile wallet. Loans can be repaid through the Zedvance loan USSD code channel or by visiting a Zedvance branch.

The Zedvance loan USSD code is a convenient and secure way for customers to access loans without collateral or paperwork. It is available to all Zedvance customers with no hidden costs or fees. Interest rates are competitive, and customers can choose from flexible payment options.

Zedvance Salary Loan

Zedvance also offers payroll loans to employees and fixed-income clients. Salary credit allows customers to borrow money against their salary. To apply for a wage loan, customers can call *5858# on their mobile phone and follow the instructions. The loan amount and repayment period are based on the customer’s salary and employment status.

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Zedvance Loan Requirements

These are the requirements for getting a loan from Zedvance:

  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • You must have paid work
  • Your age must be between 22 and 55 years old
  • You must have an active payroll account
  • One passport photo
  • An identifier. This can be any international passport, driver’s license, or national identity card
  • 6 months updated salary account statement
  • Employee identification card
  • Employment letter
  • NUBAN checks or direct debit mandate
  • You can demand a guarantor if you are a freelancer or an unconfirmed employee.

How much can you get?

You can access up to ₦5 million. How much you are offered depends on the team and the purpose of the loan, taking into account other factors.


The interest varies from 5% to 20%. In general, the company uses risk-based pricing to determine loan repayments. You can calculate how much you must repay with the website loan calculator.

Loan Term

The term of the loan varies from 2 weeks to 12 months

Loan Repayment

Repaying a loan is easy. You can pay by check or direct debit. You can deposit into your account if you want to avoid paying by check. You can contact them to get an account number to pay. But contact them at least 78 hours before the loan is due.

You cannot make partial payments. You can set how long you want to repay when taking out the loan. If you subsequently intend to change the payment date, this is possible. You may need to contact them. But charges may apply.

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In case of default, the penalty is 1% of the value of the installment for each day of default. If the default lasts longer than 30 days, stricter measures may apply, and the default will also be reported to the credit bureaus.

Zedvance office

Zedvance’s head office is at 177A, Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Zedvance customer service number and email address
  • Zedvance customer service is 0700 100 1000
  • The email is customercare@zedvance.com

Zedvance WhatsApp number

Zedvance also provides a WhatsApp number for customers to inquire about loans and get support. Customers can message the WhatsApp number (+234 903 000 5252) and receive a response from a Zedvance representative. The WhatsApp number is available 24/7, and customers can get help with loan applications, loan top-ups, and loan repayments.


In conclusion, the introduction of the USSD code by Zedvance is a step towards promoting financial inclusion and making access to loans more accessible and faster for clients. The USSD channel is available 24/7, and clients can access loans of up to ₦5 million with no collateral or paperwork required. With the Zedvance loan USSD code, customers can apply for a loan and receive an instant decision within minutes. It is a convenient and secure way for customers to access credit and is available to all Zedvance customers.

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